2018-2019 New Year's Resolutions

I didn't have any definite resolutions off the top of my head so I decided to look at last year's. I had a really great year but of course I didn't accomplish everything. Which gives me some automatic resolutions for this year ;)

  • Incorporate #VNPS once per unit (I'm planning to implement this in a big way in Geometry)
  • Incorporate a debate prompt of some sort once per unit (I'm not sure if it will be a debate prompt as much as discussion but I want to post something in Google Classroom, have students type up their response and then all hit send at the same. That way no one can copy responses and then everyone has to read and respond to at least one other person's response. What do you think?)
  • Upgrade interactive notebook pages whenever possible to be succinct and easy to follow independently (My focus this year/next summer will be videos of me teaching through the notes to post in classroom)
  • Make better use of Google Classroom (Killin it)
  • Bring back concept attainment, my favorite way to teach! (Since I haven't been creating much lately and I'm mostly reusing what I did last year, I am hoping to invest my thinking time this year toward creating a giant powerpoint for each prep of concept attainment introductions to each skill
  • Amplify voices in the #MTBoS, even when my voice seems silent (Continuing it)
My instinct is to add something new to the list but why? 

This is plenty.

This is enough.

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