Algebra 2 CRS Skills

Last but not least, although it does have the least amount...

Algebra 2 CRS Skills

Solve routine first-degree equations.

Multiply two binomials.

Evaluate quadratic functions, expressed in function notation, at integer values.

Evaluate polynomial functions, expressed in function notation, at integer values.

Work with cubes and cube roots of numbers.

Determine when an expression is undefined.

Exhibit some knowledge of the complex numbers.

Identify solutions to simple quadratic equations.

Add, subtract, and multiply polynomials.

Factor simple quadratics (e.g., the difference of squares and perfect square trinomials).

Solve first-degree inequalities that do not require reversing the inequality sign.

Apply number properties involving prime factorization.

Apply number properties involving even/odd numbers and factors/multiples.

Apply number properties involving positive/negative numbers.

Apply rules of exponents.

Multiply two complex numbers.

Solve quadratic equations.

Find solutions to systems of linear equations.

Evaluate composite functions at integer values.


SBG: Geometry Skills Draft

Last year I taught out of the McDougal Littell 2004 edition of Geometry Concepts and Skills. It was pretty watered down for a geometry course. This year I'm looking at the 2010 Glencoe Geometry book and it's a big jump. I will definitely be taking out a lot of these standards/sections.

Last year I did not teach similarity and one geometry class missed out on surface area and volume while the other missed out on circles and trig ratios. I don't want to talk about it. Anyway, I've never used this book before but so far I like the sequencing and for Illinois folk there are tons of PSAE problems, which is a plus.

I spent a few hours typing out these standards to build a concept list from and now my twitter friends are kind of talking me out of it. So, I may pull out my last year's Geo text and do those as well and combine. Or something.

Anyway, the list is huge and I made some notes and such along the way. So check them out and let me know what you're thinking.

All standards in red are ones I plan on chopping unless you say otherwise!

What should I eliminate, combine, rewrite, or rearrange?

I don't like how often it just says use, apply, recognize. Those words are somewhat vague. If I am a student how do I know that I used it right, applied the right thing, and recognized what I'm supposed to? It seems like they should be written differently in order to clearly assess.

Actually there are quite a few that I would really like to break down even more, but there's already 166 standards! That's ridiculous!

Geometry Glencoe Objectives

1 Identify and model points, lines, and planes
2 Identify intersecting lines and planes
3 Measure segments.
4 Calculate with measures
5 Determine precision of measurements
6 Determine accuracy of measurements
7 Find the distance between two points.
8 Find the midpoint of a segment.
9 Measure and classify angles.
10 Identify and use congruent angles and the bisector of an angle.
11 Identify and use special pairs of angles.
12 Identify perpendicular lines.
13 Identify and name polygons
14 Find perimeter, circumference, and area of two-dimensional figures.
15 Identify and name three-dimensional figures.
16 Find surface area and volume.
17 Make conjectures based on inductive reasoning.
18 Find counterexamples.
19 Determine truth values of negations, conjunctions, and disjunctions, and represent them using Venn diagrams.
20 Find counterexamples.
21 Analyze statements in if-then form.
22 Write the converse, inverse, and contrapositive of if-then statements.
23 Use the Law of Detachment
24 Use the Law of Syllogism.
25 Identify and use basic postulates about points, lines, and planes.
26 Write paragraph proofs.
27 Use algebra to write two-column proofs.
28 Use properties of equality to write geometric proofs.
29 Write proofs involving segment addition.
30 Write proofs involving segment congruence.
31 Write proofs involving supplementary and complementary angles.
32 Write proofs involving congruent and right angles.
33 Identify the relationships between two lines or two planes.
34 Name angle pairs formed by parallel lines and transversals.
35 Use theorems to determine the relationships between specific pairs of angles.
36 Use algebra to find angle measurements.
37 Find slopes of lines.
38 Use slope to identify parallel and perpendicular lines.
39 Write an equation of a line given information about the graph.
40 Solve problems by writing equations.
41 Recognize angle pairs that occur with parallel lines.
42 Prove that two lines are parallel using angle relationships.
43 Find the distance between a point and a line.
44 Find the distance between parallel lines.
45 Identify and classify triangles by angle measures.
46 Identify and classify triangles by side measures.
47 Apply the Triangle Angle-Sum Theorem.
48 Apply Exterior Angle Theorem.
49 Name and use corresponding parts of congruent polygons.
50 Prove triangles congruent using the definition of congruence.
51 Use the SSS Postulate to test for triangle congruence.
52 Use the SAS Postulate to test for triangle congruence.
53 Use the ASA Postulate to test for triangle congruence.
54 Use the AAS Postulate to test for triangle congruence.
55 Use properties of isosceles triangles.
56 Use properties of equilateral triangles.
57 Identify reflections, translations, and rotations.
58 Verify congruence after congruence transformation.
59 Position and label triangles for use in coordinate proofs. *Never done this before*
60 Write coordinate proofs. *Never done this before*
61 Identify and use perpendicular bisector in triangles.
62 Identify and use special bisectors in triangles.
63 Identify and use medians in triangles.
64 Identify and use altitudes in triangles.
65 Recognize and apply properties of inequalities to the measures of the angles of a triangle. *Not sure about this at all!*
66 Recognize and apply properties of inequalities to the relationships between the angles and sides of a triangle. *Not sure about this at all!*
67 Write indirect algebraic proofs. *NERVOUS!*
68 Write indirect geometric proofs. *NERVOUS!*
69 Use the Triangle Inequality Theorem to identify possible triangles.
70 Prove triangle relationships using the Triangle Inequality Theorem.
71 Apply the Hinge Theorem or its converse to make comparisons in two triangles. *NERVOUS!*
72 Prove triangle relationships using the Hinge Theorem or its converse. *NERVOUS!*
73 Find and use the sum of the measures of the interior angles of a polygon.
74 Find and use the sum of the measures of the exterior angles of a polygon.
75 Recognize and apply properties of the sides and angles of parallelograms.
76 Recognize and apply properties of the diagonals of parallelograms.
77 Recognize the conditions that ensure a quadrilateral is a parallelogram.
78 Prove that a set of points forms a parallelogram in the coordinate plane.
79 Recognize and apply properties of rectangles.
80 Determine whether parallelograms are rectangles.
81 Recognize and apply the properties of rhombi and squares.
82 Determine whether quadrilaterals are rectangles, rhombi, or squares.
83 Apply properties of trapezoids.
84 Apply properties of kites.
85 Write ratios.
86 Write and solve proportions.
87 Use proportions to identify similar polygons.
88 Solve problems using the properties of similar polygons.
89 Identify similar triangles using the AA Similarity Postulate and the SSS and SAS Similarity Theorem.
90 Use similar triangles to solve problems.
91 Use proportional parts within triangles.
92 Use proportional parts with parallel lines.
93 Recognize and use proportional relationships of corresponding angle bisectors, altitudes, and medians of similar triangles.
94 Use the Triangle Bisector Theorem. *Never done this before*
95 Identify similarity transformations. *Never done this before*
96 Verify similarity after a similarity transformation. *Never done this before*
97 Interpret scale models. *Never done this before*
98 Use scale factor to solve problems. *Never done this before*
99 Find the geometric mean between two numbers.
100 Solve problems involving relationships between parts of a right triangle and the altitude to its hypotenuse.
101 Use the Pythagorean Theorem.
102 Use the Converse of the Pythagorean Theorem.
103 Use the properties of 45-45-90 triangles.
104 Use the properties of 30-60-90 triangles.
105 Find trigonometric ratios using right triangles.
106 Use trigonometric ratios to find angle measures in right triangles.
107 Solve problems involving angles of elevation and depression.
108 Use angles of elevation and depression to find the distance between two objects.
109 Use the Law of Sines to solve triangles.
110 Use the Law of Cosines to solve triangles.
111 Find magnitudes and directions of vectors. *Not happy about this!!*
112 Add and subtract vectors. *Not happy about this!!*
113 Draw reflections.
114 Draw reflections in the coordinate plane.
115 Draw translations.
116 Draw translations in the coordinate plane.
117 Draw rotations.
118 Draw rotations in the coordinate plane.
119 Draw glide reflections and other compositions of isometries in the coordinate plane.
120 Draw compositions of reflections in parallel and intersecting lines.
121 Identify line and rotational symmetries in two-dimensional figures.
122 Identify line and rotational symmetries in three-dimensional figures.
123 Draw dilations.
124 Draw dilations in the coordinate plane.
125 Identify and use parts of circles.
126 Solve problems involving the circumference of a circle.
127 Identify central angles, major arcs, minor arcs, and semicircles, and find their measures.
128 Find arc lengths .
129 Recognize and use relationships between arcs and chords.
130 Recognize and use relationships between arcs, chords, and diameters.
131 Find measures of inscribed angles.
132 Find measures of angles of inscribed polygons.
133 Use properties of tangents.
134 Solve problems involving circumscribed polygons.
135 Find measures of angle formed by lines intersecting on or inside a circle.
136 Find measures of angles formed by lines intersecting outside the circle.
137 Find measures of segments that intersect in the interior of a circle.
138 Find measures of segments that intersect in the exterior of a circle.
139 Write the equation of a circle.
140 Graph a circle on a coordinate plane.
141 Find perimeters and areas of parallelograms.
142 Find perimeters and areas of triangles.
143 Find areas of trapezoids.
144 Find areas of rhombi and kites.
145 Find areas of circles.
146 Find areas of sectors of circles.
147 Find areas of regular polygons.
148 Find areas of composite figures.
149 Find areas of similar figures by using scale factors.
150 Find scale factors or missing measures given the areas of similar figures.
151 Draw isometric views of three-dimensional figures. *This made me cry in college (the unhappy kind, not the Jesse Johnson kind)*
152 Investigate cross sections of three-dimensional figures.
153 Find lateral areas and surface areas of prisms.
154 Find lateral areas and surface areas of cylinders.
155 Find lateral areas and surface areas of pyramids.
156 Find lateral areas and surface areas of cones.
157 Find volumes of prisms.
158 Find volumes of cylinders.
159 Find volumes of pyramids.
160 Find volumes of cones.
161 Find surface areas of spheres.
162 Find volumes of spheres.
163 Describe sets of points on a sphere.
164 Compare and contrast Euclidean and spherical geometries.
165 Identify congruent or similar solids.
166 Use properties of similar solids.

There is one more chapter on probability and measurement but I really doubt I will even make it through these previous 12 chapters!

Geometry CRS Skills

Ok now for the Geometry skills pulled from the ACT website. You will probably notice some overlap from the Algebra 1 CRS Skills, but that is to be expected. They are in random order.

Comment freely.

Geometry CRS Skills

Perform a single computation using information from a table or chart.

Recognize equivalent fractions and fractions in lowest terms.

Exhibit knowledge of basic expressions (e.g., identify an expression for a total as b + g)

Solve equations in the form x + a = b, where a and b are whole numbers or decimals.

Identify the location of a point with a positive coordinate on the number line.

Estimate or calculate the length of a line segment based on other lengths given on a geometric figure.

Read tables and graphs.

Perform computations on data from tables and graphs.

Substitute whole numbers for unknown quantities to evaluate expressions.

Solve one-step equations having integer or decimal answers.

Combine like terms (e.g., 2x + 5x).

Locate points on the number line and in the first quadrant.

Exhibit some knowledge of the angles associated with parallel lines.

Compute the perimeter of polygons when all side lengths are given.

Compute the area of rectangles when whole number dimensions are given.

Compute the area and perimeter of triangles and rectangles in simple problems.

Use geometric formulas when all necessary information is given.

Translate from one representation of data to another (e.g., a bar graph to a circle graph).

Exhibit knowledge of elementary number concepts including rounding, the ordering of decimals, pattern identification, absolute value, primes, and greatest common factor.

Evaluate algebraic expressions by substituting integers for unknown quantities.

Add and subtract simple algebraic expressions.

Solve routine first-degree equations.

Perform straightforward word-to-symbol translations.

Multiply two binomials.

Locate points in the coordinate plane.

Comprehend the concept of length on the number line.

Exhibit knowledge of slope.

Find the measure of an angle using properties of parallel lines.

Exhibit knowledge of basic angle properties and special sums of angle measures (e.g., 90°, 180°, and 360°).

Solve multistep arithmetic problems that involve planning or converting units of measure (e.g., feet per second to miles per hour).

Manipulate data from tables and graphs.

Work with squares and square roots of numbers.

Find the midpoint of a line segment.

Use several angle properties to find an unknown angle measure.

Recognize Pythagorean triples.

Use properties of isosceles triangles.

Compute the area of triangles and rectangles when one or more additional simple steps are required.

Compute the area and circumference of circles after identifying necessary information.

Compute the perimeter of simple composite geometric figures with unknown side lengths.

Use relationships involving area, perimeter, and volume of geometric figures to compute another measure.

Express the sine, cosine, and tangent of an angle in a right triangle as a ratio of given side lengths.

Interpret and use information from graphs in the coordinate plane.

Use the distance formula.

Use properties of parallel and perpendicular lines to determine an equation of a line or coordinates of a point.

Recognize special characteristics of parabolas and circles (e.g., the vertex of a parabola and the center or radius of a circle).

Apply properties of 30°-60°-90°, 45°-45°-90°, similar, and congruent triangles.

Use the Pythagorean Theorem.

Apply basic trigonometric ratios to solve right-triangle problems.


SBG: Algebra 1 Skills Draft

These came straight from the lesson objectives in my textbook. I literally went through and typed them out with no thoughts of my own whatsoever. I stopped at factoring because that's where I ended last year and because I don't know what should come next.

I want to take this list and rip it apart in whatever way necessary.

What skills can be combined? I know adding real numbers and subtracting seem like they could be combined, but I like being super specific. I want remediation to be simple.

What skills aren't appropriate for this course? Are some too easy, too hard? Do any skills need to be completely removed?

Does the order and progression make sense? I think the standards within each chapter make sense but does the order of the chapters? Is there anything that needs to be moved or rearranged?

Where do I go from here? Are there any skills that are obviously lacking? Did I miss anything important? What comes next? I need your direction. You are my vertical team, my curriculum person, my pacing guide.

What about the wording? Is it too specific, or not enough? Should it be written in student-friendly language or ACT jargon (ACT is my state test)?

Anything else you can think of to say is helpful.

Algebra 1:

Translating problems into solvable equations AKA Math is a beast. Make it your pet.

Ruff Draft:

Chapter 1 – Foundations for Algebra
1. Translate between words and algebra.
2. Evaluate algebraic expressions.
3. Add real numbers.
4. Subtract real numbers.
5. Multiply real numbers.
6. Divide real numbers.
7. Evaluate expressions containing exponents.
8. Evaluate expressions containing square roots.
9. Classify numbers within the real number system.
10. Use the order of operations to simplify expressions.
11. Use the Commutative, Associative, and Distributive Properties to simplify expressions.
12. Combine like terms.
13. Graph ordered pairs in the coordinate plane.
14. Graph functions from ordered pairs.

Chapter 2- Equations

15. Solve one-step equations in one variable by using addition or subtraction.
16. Solve one-step equations in one variable by using multiplication or division.
17. Solve one-step equations in one variable that contain more than one operation.
18. Solve equations in one variable that contain variable terms on both sides.
19. Solve a formula for a given variable.
20. Solve an equation in two or more variables for one of the variables.
21. Write and use ratios, rates, and unit rates.
22. Write and solve proportions
23. Use proportions to solve problems involving geometric figures.
24. Use proportions and similar figures to measure objects indirectly.
25. Solve problems involving percents.
26. Use common applications of percents.
27. Estimate with percents.
28. Find percent increase and decrease.
EXTENSION: Solve equations in one variable that contain absolute-value expressions

Chapter 3- Inequalities
29. Identify solutions of inequalities in one variable.
30. Write and graph inequalities in one variable.
31. Solve one-step inequalities by using addition.
32. Solve one-step inequalities by using subtraction.
33. Solve one-step inequalities by using multiplication.
34. Solve one-step inequalities by using division.
35. Solve inequalities that contain more than one operation.
36. Solve inequalities that contain variable terms on both sides.
37. Solve compound inequalities in one variable.
38. Graph solution sets of compound inequalities in one variable.
39. Solve inequalities in one variable involving absolute-value expressions.

Chapter 4- Functions

40. Match simple graphs with situations.
41. Graph a relationship.
42. Identify functions.
43. Find the domain and range of relations and functions.
44. Identify independent and dependent variables.
45. Write an equation in function notation and evaluate a function for given input values.
46. Graph functions given a limited domain.
47. Graph functions given a domain of all real numbers.
48. Create and interpret scatter plots.
49. Use trend lines to make predictions.
50. Recognize and extend an arithmetic sequence.
51. Find a given term of an arithmetic sequence.

Chapter 5- Linear Functions

52. Identify linear functions and linear equations.
53. Graph linear functions that represent real-world situations and give their domain and range.
54. Find x and y intercepts and interpret their meanings in real-world situations..
55. Use x and y intercepts to graph lines.
56. Find rates of change and slopes.
57. Relate a constant rate of change to the slope of a line.
58. Find slope by using the slope formula.
59. Identify, write, and graph direct variation.
60. Write a linear equation in slope-intercept form.
61. Graph a line using slope-intercept form.
62. Graph a lie ad write a linear equation using point-slope form.
63. Write a linear equation given two points.
64. Identify and graph parallel and perpendicular lines.
65. Write equations to describe lines parallel or perpendicular to a given line.
66. Describe how changing slope and y intercept affect the graph of a linear function.
EXTENSION: Graph absolute-value functions.
EXTENSION: Identify characteristics of absolute-value functions and their graphs.

Chapter 6- Systems of Equations and Inequalities

67. Identify solutions of systems of linear equations in two variables.
68. Solve systems of linear equations in two variables by graphing.
69. Solve systems of linear equations in two variables by substitution.
70. Solve systems of linear equations in two variables by elimination.
71. Compare and choose an appropriate method for solving systems of linear equations.
72. Solve special systems of linear equations in two variables.
73. Classify systems of linear equations and determine the number of solutions.
74. Graph and solve linear inequalities in two variables
75. Graph and solve systems of linear inequalities in two variables.

Chapter 7- Exponents and Polynomials
76. Evaluate expressions containing zero and integer exponents.
77. Simplify expressions containing zero and integer exponents.
78. Evaluate and multiply by powers of 10.
79. Convert between standard notation and scientific notation.
80. Use multiplication properties of exponents to evaluate and simplify expressions.
81. Use division properties of exponents to evaluate and simplify expressions.
82. Classify polynomials and write polynomials in standard form.
83. Evaluate polynomial expressions.
84. Add and subtract polynomials
85. Multiply polynomials.
86. Find special products of binomials.

Chapter 8- Factoring Polynomials

87. Write the prime factorization of numbers.
88. Find the GCF of monomials.
89. Factor polynomials by using the greatest common factor.
90. Factor quadratic trinomials of the form x2 + bx + c
91. Factor quadratic trinomials of the form ax2 + bx + c
92. Factor perfect square trinomials.
93. Factor the difference of two squares.
94. Choose an appropriate method for factoring a polynomial.
95. Combine methods for factoring a polynomial.


Algebra 1 CRS Skills

I'm in Illinois and we are assessed by the ACT. 

I went through the ACT College Readiness Standards and pulled out what I think is doable in Algebra 1. 

Please comment freely.


Perform one-operation computation with whole numbers and decimals.

Solve problems in one or two steps using whole numbers.

Perform common conversions

Calculate the average of a list of positive whole numbers.

Perform a single computation using information from a table or chart.

Recognize equivalent fractions and fractions in lowest terms.

Exhibit knowledge of basic expressions (e.g., identify an expression for a total as b + g)

Solve equations in the form x + a = b, where a and b are whole numbers or decimals.

Identify the location of a point with a positive coordinate on the number line.

Locate points on the number line and in the first quadrant.

Solve routine one-step arithmetic problems (using whole numbers, fractions, and decimals) such as single-step percent.

Solve some routine two-step arithmetic problems.

Recognize one-digit factors of a number.

Identify a digit's place value.

Calculate the average of a list of numbers.

Read tables and graphs.

Perform computations on data from tables and graphs.

Substitute whole numbers for unknown quantities to evaluate expressions.

Solve one-step equations having integer or decimal answers.

Combine like terms (e.g., 2x + 5x).

Compute the perimeter of polygons when all side lengths are given.

Compute the area of rectangles when whole number dimensions are given.

Compute the area and perimeter of triangles and rectangles in simple problems.

Solve routine two-step or three-step arithmetic problems involving concepts such as rate and proportion, tax added, percentage off, and computing with a given average.

Translate from one representation of data to another (e.g., a bar graph to a circle graph).

Exhibit knowledge of elementary number concepts including rounding, the ordering of decimals, pattern identification, absolute value, primes, and greatest common factor.

Evaluate algebraic expressions by substituting integers for unknown quantities.

Add and subtract simple algebraic expressions.

Solve routine first-degree equations.

Perform straightforward word-to-symbol translations.

Multiply two binomials*.

Comprehend the concept of length on the number line*.

Solve multistep arithmetic problems that involve planning or converting units of measure (e.g., feet per second to miles per hour).

Manipulate data from tables and graphs.

Find and use the least common multiple.

Order fractions.

Work with numerical factors.

Work with scientific notation.

Work with squares and square roots of numbers.

Work problems involving positive integer exponents*.

Solve real-world problems using first-degree equations.

Write expressions, equations, or inequalities with a single variable for common pre-algebra settings (e.g., rate and distance problems and problems that can be solved by using proportions).

Identify solutions to simple quadratic equations.

Add, subtract, and multiply polynomials*.

Factor simple quadratics (e.g., the difference of squares and perfect square trinomials)*.

Solve first-degree inequalities that do not require reversing the inequality sign*.

Identify the graph of a linear inequality on the number line.*

Determine the slope of a line from points or equations*.

Match linear graphs with their equations*.

Solve word problems containing several rates, proportions, or percentages.

Apply number properties involving positive/negative numbers.

Apply rules of exponents.

Manipulate expressions and equations.

Write expressions, equations, and inequalities for common algebra settings.

Solve linear inequalities that require reversing the inequality sign.

Solve absolute value equations.

Solve quadratic equations.

Find solutions to systems of linear equations.

Match number line graphs with solution sets of linear inequalities.

Use the Pythagorean Theorem.

Use the distance formula.




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Fouss @jybuell And he's really good at finding videos on Youtube that perfectly describe a situation, too.

jybuell @Fouss oh wait and Youtube. Four things

samjshah @Fouss what's becoming clearer and clearer to me now is that i need to spend less time on the internet and more doing 3D world things.

jybuell @samjshah I prefer to keep my sense of wonder and amazement. It definitely involves oompa loompas though.

Fouss @samjshah Oh, come on. We depend on you for these things!

jessicahagy Puppy with three legs, hippity-hopping along like a rock star = A hero for us all.

CmonMattTHINK Before the internet you had no idea how many people had already come up with the same clever pun as you just did. http://ow.ly/22uBm #darnit

jybuell @thenerdyteacher congrats. You're the first person to ever put ISTE and fashion in the same tweet.

thenerdyteacher Exactly how many Cardigans are too many for ISTE? #ISTEFashion

tgwynn @thenerdyteacher If your Mister Rogers, you will need two for each day. One to wear in, and one to change into while you sing #ISTEFashion

thenerdyteacher Will 5 brunch ascots be enough? #ISTEFashion

thenerdyteacher What color bow tie do you were with sheepskin chaps? #ISTEFashion

thenerdyteacher How man zippers are acceptable on a leather jacket at the convention center? #ISTEFashion

amandacdykes @thenerdyteacher depends on whether the jacket is black or red #ISTEFashion

thenerdyteacher What color shoes go with a paisley cummerbund? #ISTEFashion

thenerdyteacher How many sequins are allowed on a pair of gloves before they become distracting to a presenter? #ISTEFashion #HandTalker

thenerdyteacher Where can one where a unitard at #ISTE? Not for me, it's for a friend. *cough cough @kylepace cough cough* #ISTEFashion

thenerdyteacher Is face painting in the season? #ISTEFashion Thinking I might get that blue bear on my cheek.

thenerdyteacher Sweet, just remembered where I stored my collection of mesh crop tops! Look out Denver! #ISTEFashion

McTeach Um, better bring my sunglasses! RT @thenerdyteacher: Sweet, just remembered where I stored my collection of mesh crop tops! #ISTEFashion

thenerdyteacher Need some bleach later to make my jeans awesome for #ISTE Heck Ya! #ISTEFashion

thenerdyteacher Anybody have a Hypercolor shirt I could borrow for the weekend? #ISTEFashion

thenerdyteacher Mental Note: Need to dig out my Zebra print turtleneck for Denver. #ISTEFashion

thenerdyteacher @amandacdykes - What feather boas are you bringing to Denver? It would be awkward if we wore the same ones. #ISTEFashion

thenerdyteacher @tgwynn - That's what I figured. I was thinking a need drinking attire as well. Suggestion? #ISTEFashion Parachute pants perhaps?

tgwynn @thenerdyteacher Those will look best when we bust out the Ninja Rap over a pint. @amandacdykes will lead. #ISTEFashion

tgwynn I better go throw my Keds in the washer so they are neon white for ISTE. #ISTEfashion

thenerdyteacher So I decided to go with only 3 pairs of leg warmers. #ISTEFashion

weemooseus @thenerdyteacher I think everyone following the #ISTEFashion should get a vuvuzela to announce your arrival.

dawnshrum Packing 4 #ISTE10  wishing fanny packs were in style..don't think I can bring them back..

misscalcul8 Deleting inactive people I /was/ following. Kept deleting til I got an even number. Yup, go ahead and look- 188. Tweet it up or get cut off.

stevejmoore Listening to the Batman Begins soundtrack makes me feel like I'm in a Batcave planning to save the world and not tweeting in a basement.


samjshah i strongly suspect that the audience for my latest blog post is about... 1.

samjshah wait... no... 2, if you include me.


rjallain someone remind me not to feed the trolls. Ever again

jbrtva @misscalcul8 I have my alg 1 concepts list on my blog....I'd link but I'm in my phone. Will be making alg 2 lust in July

druinok @jbrtva I know you are on phone and typos happen, but I just had to laugh out loud for that typo :)

jbrtva @druinok I caught it too late to go back....

k8nowak Alg2/Trig conversion chart is up. Is it too early to start drinking?

samjshah @k8nowak well have a drink on saturday!

Fouss @k8nowak It's 5:00 somewhere.

teachforever09 @k8nowak Not if it's coffee.

JackieB @k8nowak Nah, just be sure to call a cab

dcox21 @k8nowak You mean your students didn't do do well on 675 different standards? Hmmm. Imagine that.

druinok @k8nowak as my BIL says... It's always 5 o'clock somewhere :)

schwa044 up at 615. Job Interviews are nerve racking. But really, who wouldn't love me.

jybuell Went to get bagel out of toaster oven. It was still on a plate. I think I need more sleep

ThinkThankThunk It's a girl!

jybuell @ThinkThankThunk possible names: Leia, Amidala, Arwen, or Eowyn

druinok Holy crap!!! A car just drove through the window at my friend's workplace!!! WOW!

ThinkThankThunk If @jybuell is Salt, I must be Peppa. New Post about summatives: http://bit.ly/aTgysm

jybuell @ThinkThankThunk darn it. I thought I invented the strike-through joke!

k8nowak @ThinkThankThunk @jybuell Can I be Spinderella? PLLEEEEASE?!

ThinkThankThunk @k8nowak I was hoping beyond hope that you'd want to. I know you NY people are busy, what with your tall buildings and fancy regent's exams

jybuell @k8nowak @ThinkThankThunk done and done. Sam is def the guy with the blonde high top fade. http://is.gd/d2wX4

k8nowak @jybuell Woww. I miss dramatically asymmetrical hairdos. Those need to come back. I don't know if @samjshah is down with backup dancer tho.

samjshah @k8nowak i'm down! i'm down! i don't want to be in the front!

k8nowak @jybuell @samjshah @thinkthankthunk I am totally qualified, btw. Behold, Halloween '07. http://twitpic.com/1zmpo7

jybuell @k8nowak Utah Jazz = GANGSTA. Crip, Blood, or Mormon?

k8nowak @jybuell @jybuell Yeah. More like what I could borrow that fit.

samjshah @k8nowak hahaha i just saw the keepin it real shirt!!! me like!

misscalcul8 Ugh SBG I just want to be doing you already!

joshgiesbrecht @misscalcul8 Reason to lock tweets #62: without prior acronym context, students may be seriously disturbed when they misread your posts.

jybuell @misscalcul8 wow. totally inappropriate out of context tweet FTW!

pronetolaughter I'm generally pretty good at jury-rigging crap, but you know what is tough to finagle a substitute for? Lubricating eyedrops.

jybuell Finally might have the zygote stage of a post I'm happy with for @rileylark.

jybuell @dcox21 assessment. Do I blog about anything else? Just trying to get the right soft skills frame is tough

dcox21 @jybuell @rileylark I'm working on one about creating a questioning classroom culture. Geting input from students.

jybuell @dcox21 really interested in that one. It bothers me that these posts are so hard for me.

samjshah @dcox21 @jybuell you guys are stressing me out! mine is going to be ... underwhelming ... if it gets written ... if i have a topic.

jybuell @samjshah @dcox21 I'm making no guarantees on delivery.

dcox21 @samjshah You're on the list buddy. Get it done. Didn't mean to RT that, BTW.

jybuell @samjshah @dcox21 Kate is already done! Overachiever. I bet she turns it in with a clear plastic folder and uses glitter glue in the title.

dcox21 @jybuell @samjshah Hey, I still don't have a delivery for any of my posts.

samjshah @dcox21 i know - what was i thinking? i should stop agreeing to do things. like, all things. seriously. what was i thinking?


sarcasymptote @jybuell thanks. also, somehow missed prev tweet over my name being anagram for THE TRIG ORGY. best discovery i had in a long time.

k8nowak Packing for four weeks makes me really really really really really really really really miss my Kindle.

Fouss @k8nowak What happened to your kindle?

k8nowak @Fouss The cat murdered it.

Fouss @k8nowak That's probably the last thing I expected to see.



samjshah @Mrs_Fuller i loved that idea so much. sad i'll forget in 2 secs bc i have the worst memory.

k8nowak @samjshah @Mrs_Fuller That was mine, dude. *blush*

Mrs_Fuller @samjshah @k8nowak Hey! I read that blog! It was awesome! (Write it down, Sam!)

druinok @samjshah @Mrs_Fuller I read that blog too - danged if I remember where though :( I even thought about it this week when we saw a wreck!

samjshah @k8nowak wait, who are you? i need to get your blog in my reader, stat.

dcox21 @samjshah @mrs_fuller That post was written by an up-and-comer. Probably not in your reader yet. I think the blog's called f(t).

samjshah @dcox21 what kind of a totally LAME blog name is that? i'm not reading it #harumph

dcox21 @samjshah Right up there with some crazy run-on Continuous Everywhere..., ah heck, I forget how the rest goes.

dcox21 @ddmeyer You gonna change the blog to Ph.Dan or something like that?

ddmeyer @dcox21 Crud. I can't now that you've coined it publicly. That's good stuff, though

dcox21 @ddmeyer Hey, we all share. Maybe I'll save it for me: Ph.Dave

PersidaB @dcox21 earlier you mentioned being an admin. Now a PhD. You might be trying to tell yourself something... just saying.

jybuell Seriously. If u read that post http://is.gd/d2Zna and don't feel something, just unfollow me. Our relationship just isn't going to work out


k8nowak I wish there was a report card comment to choose that said "Grades would improve if %Student_Name smoked less weed."

approx_normal Random comment just made by my 7 year old: "Momma, if Daddy gets a new girlfriend, I'd still rather live with you."#notsurewhattosaytothat

jybuell @ThinkThankThunk I just noticed @dcox21 used the strike through joke on his last post. His property. Seniorty-based union rules

dcox21 @jybuell @thinkthankthunk Yeah, had nothing to so with mine being funnier.

rjallain dear parents at the pool: If I keep having to remove your 6 year old from climbing on me - maybe you should say "don't climb the bald man"

park_star .@hjnaidu loves the new Nickleback song #whothehelldidimarry

jybuell @park_star I thought everyone in Canada loved them. Like Rush or Bryan Adams.

park_star @jybuell you thought WRONG. please don't ever think that again, we might have to stop being friends

jybuell @park_star hmm...What about Celine Dion and Alannis Morisette? #misconceptionsshattering

park_star @jybuell no, we really do all love alanis. if you grew up in the 90s anyway

jybuell @park_star I think this is an excellent time 2 pull out "But what about your unborn child?" Serious damage could occur w extended nickeback.

k8nowak After decades of normalcy, my mom has started answering the phone "mmmyelllow?" It's adorable.

samjshah I too am going to go to bed now. xoxo, gossip girl. I mean, Davey Coxeter.


k8nowak slept like a baby rock.

jreulbach @k8nowak I just saw your assessment video. Thank you very much. That will be so helpful when I am explaining to my school.

k8nowak @jreulbach I should make a new one. That's two years old; I've made some changes.

k8nowak @jreulbach Plus, I think I've gotten better at not sounding like Joan Cusack.

JackieB @k8nowak On an off I have, yep. What changes have you made to your grading/assessment? Btw, I like your Cusak-ish voice.

jybuell My 4 y/o: "I want to do a disco naked dance! I love dancing naked" #timetostarthomeschooling

jreulbach @jybuell my 5yo googled "boobies" after one week of Kindergarten. #notasfunnyasyouwouldthink

NancyW RT @datruss: RT @brittanyingle: I love how Twitter looks boring from the outside, but it’s like freaking Narnia on the inside.


thenerdyteacher At the tweetup. People have torsos! Amazing!    

druinok Too funny - been together for 14 years and hubs just realized that sister isn't a natural blonde LOL


thenerdyteacher Just lost an hour in flight. Time travel is cool, but I would still prefer to do it in a Delorean. :-)

thenerdyteacher It's a rare moment when I don't feel like the nerdiest person in the room. #ISTE10


k8nowak Franny Day 2, Morning walk fail: Scared the crap out of a homeless man and ate a chicken bone. #fb

nicolerelyea RT @shitmydadsays: Don’t focus on the 1 guy who hates you. You don’t go to the park & set your picnic down next to the only pile of dog shit.

jybuell On a cleaning break. In my swim trunks bc I'm cleaning the shower. At least that's how I clean the shower.

datadiva Ouch. Data presenter just said "I'm an English teacher not a data person".

jybuell @datadiva I'm a math person, I can't read.

datadiva yes that was me snorting in the back of the room when I read this tweet: RT @jybuell: I'm a math person, I can't read.

Cohenism You know what we could use more of? Homemade music videos for Fireflies - Owl City. We just need like 2,000 more and we're good.

datadiva RT @Jon_Peltier: Cambridge, MA clerk to custmr w/ full cart in express: You a Harvard student who can't count or MIT student who can't read?

stuffheknows Try "under-reacting" to everything. You'll find it angers those around you just the same, without the effort on your part.

mdsteele47 You know what would make this day complete? A massive head injury

stuffheknows So, most people at the mall decline a challenge to arm wrestle #ThoughtThereWouldBeMoreTakers #wimps

samjshah  i'm wearing my "i only twitter with math teachers" shirt. was asked by organizers to give a 5-10 min talk about twitter/blogs. GIVE ME IDEAS

JackieB @samjshah I have full confidence that you can talk about Twitter & Blogs for at least 5 mins w/o help. Have a little faith in yourself.

samjshah @JackieB i was thinking i could pull example responses from ppl for evidence. i can def talk for 5 minutes on blogs/twitter.

k8nowak @samjshah Tell them we won't let them in if they don't love Justin Bieber.

JackieB @samjshah Then I wasn't very helpful, was I? Sorry. Can you use that as an example of encouragement? :-)

samjshah @JackieB encouragement? that was like "you stupidhead, why are you so stupid, stupidhead?" jkjkjkjkjkjk heartz

samjshah @k8nowak i was going to end the presentation with a jbeebs song.http://bit.ly/6xN4Hy it's about fractions and stuff, so it's okay..

JackieB @samjshah I have been told, more than once, that I need to work on the tone I use. I apologize.

samjshah @JackieB i was really joking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nix on my banter! HEARTZ!

dcox21 @samjshah @jackieb Hope you're proud of yourself Coxeter. Now you've gone and hurt Jackie's feelings.

park_star LAST DAY OF WORK TOMORROW! Maybe now I'll get caught up on all the blogging/commenting I've been thinking about. Or I'll sit in the sun...

samjshah @park_star happy lady day! You should def relax with a book, a margarita, and the sunshine

samjshah @samjshah @park_star ummmm lady is actually last. Stupid fingers on a stupid touch. Ha but I do like lady day!

park_star @samjshah lady day is pretty great. so is last day :) going to have to celebrate with a slurpee or fake beer though

k8nowak I just realized I missed celebrating 2pi day. Darnit.

JackieB @k8nowak Well, there's always the approximation of pi day which is coming soon.

pvnotp @k8nowak Not 2pi day - tau day! http://tauday.com/

Mrs_Fuller @k8nowak No biggie -- I think 2pi day is only statistically significant for trig teachers :)

mdsteele47 I f'ing swear, if one more person's incompetence impacts this meeting, I'm painting my face w cream cheese & going Braveheart thru the bldg.


ddmeyer Coined: "The Blogulty Lounge." It rolls right off the tongue. http://twitpic.com/21451j


jybuell I screened my sperm for giftedness. Take that NY Ed! NYTimes: New Gifted Testing in New York May Begin at Age 3 http://nyti.ms/bapV4g

dnielsenmoore I start every day thinking I can do anything, and end it thinking I can't. Correlation to coffee intake?

hemantmehta I also met @JackieB and she looks remarkably similar to her profile pic. (It's a green drawing, I swear!) http://yfrog.com/b8tb5ij

colleenk @JackieB @PersidaB @hemantmehta etc How close did you get to solving all of math ed's problems? Any progress with fractions?

hemantmehta @colleenk All of math ed's problems have been solved. @JackieB, @PersidaB, and I are going to become English teachers.

hemantmehta 5 kids from the school I work at got perfect scores on the April ACT. Despite teaching 0 of them, I can take full credit for this, right?

SweenWSweens Hey everyone. Just letting you know I still exist. How's everything in the twitterverse?

samjshah @SweenWSweens ZOMG i just today was thinking "where's the squirm?!"

SweenWSweens @samjshah Lol, I wasn't aware I had a nickname in your head. Also, just realized missed out on my first favorite tweets post(#8) NOOOOOO!!!

jybuell @SweenWSweens an. We already divided your stuff up. I got the Hall & Oates collection and your Fresh Prince DVDs

SweenWSweens @jybuell Not the fresh prince DVDs! What about my autographed Ricky Martin life sized cardboard cutout?

samjshah new post « Blogotwitterversphere « CEBDN http://bit.ly/avb3BV

k8nowak @samjshah lmbgao pechaka kuchaka. you are the bomb.

jybuell @msgregson @samjshah TOTALLY inspiring! Makes me want to blog and Twitter too!

samjshah @jybuell har har har.

jybuell @samjshah seriously tho, I'm super inspired. I think even Kate would give u a hug, which btw, should be some sort of standard scale

k8nowak  @jybuell I can't turn down @samjshah hugs. He smells like fresh laundry.

ddmeyer This pic unlocks the Recollection Most Likely To Make Me Laugh Explosively At Inappropriate Times achievement badge. http://bit.ly/9uBvfl

stuffheknows If you play golf in Mexico do you yell "Quatro?"


jreulbach OMG - Someone found Ms. Cookie!!! This is why I can't take breaks from Twitter!!!

jreulbach @jybuell @druinok @MTMambo @Fouss Oh no, thought. Are we going to kill Ms. Cookie's productivity now?? We CANNOT have that. #cookiefan

Fouss @jreulbach @druinok @jybuell @mtmambo Maybe we'll just help it! Or maybe we'll scare her off with our excitement. :)

Fouss @jreulbach It's like having a celebrity around. Like @k8nowak or @ddmeyer :)

jreulbach @Fouss Ok, then #stalkers it is. LOL!

Fouss @jreulbach LOL. Trying to think of a twitter-ish way to say it. Twalkers? :)

jybuell @jreulbach @fouss @druinok it's a thin line...

jybuell @Fouss lol.I'm going to tease u mercilessly on the future for calling Kate and Dan celebrities

Fouss @jybuell Well, you know, in our little twitterverse... :)

jreulbach  Abby says, "Happy 4th of July!" http://flic.kr/p/8eW5j4

Fouss @jreulbach You're so pretty! :)

jreulbach @Fouss ahhh....thanks! It's nice for an old gal to hear that. #almost40 #gasp!!

Fouss @jreulbach old gal? whatever :)

jreulbach @Fouss Everyone on here is like, 10. LOL!

Fouss @jreulbach LOL. I'm close to 35, so I know what you mean. There's a lot of young pups around here!

jreulbach @Fouss Yeah, @misscalcu8 was like SEVEN when I got married. Lol!

Fouss @jreulbach I just try not to think about their ages :)

CarissaJuneK @Fouss @jreulbach I was trying to convince fellow grad students today that everyone on here wasn't my age or younger!

CarissaJuneK @Fouss @jreulbach my professor then made a comment about how I wasn't that young...#dontagemebeforeim30

Fouss @CarissaJuneK Nope, there are some of us old fogies around, too :)

jreulbach @CarissaJuneK @Fouss ummmm.....creepy professor? LOL!

Fouss @CarissaJuneK It's all perspective. I'd say you're young. :)

msgregson @Fouss you are NOT an old fogie.

Fouss @msgregson LOL. Oh, just wait. I'm super old. Almost as old as @jreulbach :)

jreulbach @Fouss @msgregson Hey...easy there!!

CarissaJuneK @Fouss @jreulbach well then they started making fun of me "I am sending a tweet", "now I am listening to prof", ugh, they don't get it!

jreulbach @Fouss @msgregson I actually don't mind getting old. I just hate looking old. Oh, and not being able to SEE wo glasses. #vain

msgregson @jreulbach @Fouss woooooah, i was the one that said there were no fogies on here. @Fouss is the one that threw you under the bus.

Mrs_LHenry @jreulbach Almost 40 is _not old_ or at least I keep telling myself that. #turning40thisyear

Fouss @jreulbach LOL. Just kidding :)

Fouss @msgregson Hey now... I thought you'd have my back :)

jreulbach @Fouss I know. ; )

msgregson @Fouss oh i do have your back, but @jreulbach lives 45 min away ... you live 8 hours away. she might come get me!

Fouss @msgregson @jreulbach does look awfully scary :)

msgregson @Fouss although, i have to see you tomorrow. so yes, i have your back. @jreulbach is OLD!

jreulbach @Fouss can't. Dr. said it is like hitting a moving target. #oldpeoplearefarsighted

msgregson @jreulbach i can promise you that you don't LOOK old.

jreulbach @Fouss It happened to me at 35 instead of 40 bc I was already farsighted. #notfair

jreulbach @msgregson @Fouss Ok, enough OLD talk. I'm starting to FEEL old. Glad @samjshah isn't here to mark this shit for his fav tweets.

CardsChic @jreulbach I really wasn't going to say anything in this conversation, but you swearing made me laugh so hard I had to tell you that. ;)

jreulbach @CardsChic I know - I was like, "oh no, I just swore on twitter!" #thingsoldpeoplecangetawaywith

misscalcul8 @Fouss @jreulbach You guys were in middle/high school when I was BORN. Ha

jreulbach @misscalcul8 I am totally getting the nose twitching connection now. #witchywoman. @msgregson @Fouss

JenAnsbach What does Nick Cannon actually do?

dcox21 @misscalcul8 Neither. Pay off your credit card. :-)

misscalcul8 @dcox21 Ugh I know. I've already been mini-lectured. Thanks dad.

dcox21 @misscalcul8 Just here to help. You know, my wife's on Twitter now. Don't make me turn her loose on you.

k8nowak @misscalcul8 @dcox21 yells at me to go to bed sometimes. I don't think he can help it.

dcox21 @k8nowak @misscalcul8 Don't make me come over there.

misscalcul8 @k8nowak I guess after 5 kids it just comes naturally...and apparently so do the babies lol

dcox21 @misscalcul8 @k8nowak You realize that was a public reply, right?

misscalcul8 @dcox21 Sorry dad

dcox21 @misscalcul8 It's alright. Now get those bills paid before we have a "come to Jesus" talk.

misscalcul8 @dcox21 I have car payment, insurance, cell phone, 2 credit cards, and 4 student loans. I do have bills. Ugh. I pay Jesus too

dansmath oh, that's how "Jesus saves" - @misscalcul8 pays him! ;-}

jybuell @dcox21 @k8nowak @misscalcul8 I u guys don't stop fighting I'm turning the car around right now.

druinok ugh - gotta get up like at DAWN tomorrow - icky!!! #spoiledbysummer

k8nowak @druinok at first I read that "I have to get up at like DAMN tomorrow"

druinok  @k8nowak that would work too - I definitely thought DAMN when they said the time :)


jessicahagy It's my birthday. Cheeseballs for breakfast!

JackieB I'd really like something to /not/ go wrong today. Thank you.

SweenWSweens Hit every single light green(12++) on the way home. So awesome! Wcydwt @ddmeyer?

jreulbach let me just start by saying that I just fled from a party to tweet and I have had too many margaritas. Excuse all future tweets startingnow

jreulbach Ok, startig to feel better. so, i escaped the party via a golf cart. lol! #neverhappiertobehome . sorry IRL friends. thanks @samjshah

jreulbach @mathblows sorry. 2 many margaritas

jreulbach @samjshah WASSSSUP!!!!!! Missed you dude. Did you see my spider bite pic? wicked!

samjshah with that note, i go to utah for 5 days and suddenly the whole world is skyping? god i hate my voice and my face. #byebyepseudoanonymity

jreulbach @mathblows No fun. Having fun NOW that I escaped from the party. Wonder how long it will take for DH to discover that I am "MIA"?

jreulbach @samjshah Ok, SKYPE WITH ME NOW!!! I AM CHEERIT. WHO ARE YOU?

jreulbach @samjshah my skype is on and ready to party.

jreulbach @park_star did you miss the tweet where i just escaped from my whole fam and neighbohood? it's ok, I've had margarita and won't memeber it

jreulbach So, y'all know I'm in big trouble when they discover I'm missing from the party. LOL!

jreulbach @samjshah Dude - we already heard your voice, #itisover #justskypealready

jreulbach @Mrs_Fuller Promise I own't remember.

Mrs_Fuller @jreulbach wow, you've had quite a day! And been much entertainment value :) Tx!

jreulbach Not that I don

jreulbach don't really love y'all, but how sad is it that I left a IRL party to come and tweet?? #addictedtotwitter @druinok

jreulbach @Mrs_Fuller yeah, that can't be good. #gonnaregretthisintheam

Mrs_Fuller @jreulbach No regrets. You didn't puke on our floors or break a vase or insult anyone's grandma--totally safe here!

jreulbach @Mrs_Fuller lololol!! puke in a vase. I am so dying laughing at that one. Im old enough to stp bf puking (unless I am out dancing) #diva

jreulbach @samjshah Oh, but you would see me. #imfunnylookingrightnow

Mrs_Fuller @jreulbach joys of aging: professional partier vs. amateur :) Repeat after me: #nomoreshots

jreulbach Just got the call from DH bc he noticed I am missing.

jreulbach @samjshah @Seestur I have been discovered at home and they will come and find me.

jreulbach Fam is home. Night Tweeps!!!

jreulbach I'm baaaaackkkk! LOL!

Mrs_LHenry  @jreulbach Fam all in bed now?

jreulbach @Mrs_LHenry Yes. DH was so outta sorts but good. I would have KILLED him if he left me at a party with kids and food. LOL!

jreulbach zzzz....


samjshah @misscalcul8 i am so excited you're culling the tweets!!! i can't wait... i've missed so much.

misscalcul8 @samjshah I've been quite sneaky as well. ;)

jreulbach @misscalcul8 @samjshah Yikes. This is one week where I DON'T want to make the fav tweets list. lol!

misscalcul8 Just got a speeding ticket. Another reason I will never get out of debt.

dcox21 @misscalcul8 That's it. You're grounded.

schwa044 @dcox21 grounded. man, harsh.

dcox21 @schwa044 It's been a long time coming, trust me. ;-)

jybuell @schwa044 @dcox21 careful young lady, u might be next

schwa044 @jybuell I may look like a teenager but i'm sorta an adult!

misscalcul8 @schwa044 age aint nothin but a number

misscalcul8 @dcox21 I'm gonna need an advance on that allowance. Baby #5 said I could have his.

dcox21 @misscalcul8 He gets paid in Cheerios. Is that gonna work for you?

misscalcul8 @dcox21 Well baby #5 IS pretty special. Bet I can sell them on ebay. The cheerios, not #5.

pvnotp @misscalcul8 I know a guy that beat a speeding ticket by using trigonometry to show that radar guns are inaccurate from the cops position.

pvnotp @misscalcul8 And they say math isn't useful in real life!

wmcneary I really don't see why the BP spill should be a problem for oysters, shrimp, or crawfish. They have shells. (via @RepJackKimble)


7.4.10 Happy Fourth of July!

ddmeyer "I need these signed pronto!" Surprise a faraway friend with forms granting you power of attorney! Show you care.

samjshah today i walked in a parade with math geeks! i held a tesselation, and marched in front of a GIANT (say, 10' x 10') hypercube. yes, it was 4D

samjshah okay, you got me, it was only 3D.


schwa044 working on post for riley's conference. when writing with topic feels like school work. no longer enjoy it. BLAH!

sarcasymptote @schwa044 ugh. i know. ive started and restarted mine 17 times already. or maybe its hard because my soft skill is being a jackass.

dcox21 @sarcasymptote @schwa044 You took my soft skill?!

restonkid @hemantmehta as many math departments will stop teaching factoring as English departments will stop teaching close reading.

hemantmehta @restonkid HEY! Factoring is totally useful. It separates adults who can't do it from adults i want to breed with :)


SweenWSweens Ran out of Sweeney Swagger early this mornin

dcox21 @SweenWSweens You need to buy a Sienna. http://bit.ly/bTbLLR

dcox21 I let you sleep on me during nap time and this is how you repay me? Wait 'till I'm 85. http://yfrog.com/j1heoj

jybuell @dcox21 been there. at least its liquids.

JamiDanielle @dcox21 Can you believe I actually survived two sons without that infamous accident occurring

jybuell @JamiDanielle David would answer you right now but clearly he needs to change his clothes.

dcox21 @jybuell Nah, it'll dry.

dcox21 @JamiDanielle I've got 5 boys. I'm like @shareski but with pee.

jybuell  One of the models for turnaround listed is the "school closure model" Yeah. That's one way to turn a school around.

ThinkThankThunk @jybuell Where's the give-the-kids-the-keys-and-some handguns model?

ThinkThankThunk or burn it to the ground and go LOST model

ThinkThankThunk @jybuell or oh-I-see-what-we're-trying-to-do-now-model-it-will-just-work-now model

ThinkThankThunk or we-weren't-trying-before-we-will-now model

ThinkThankThunk @jybuell I'm trying really hard not to write a post about that article

calcdave So...what'd I miss?

dcox21 There's been a @calcdave sighting on Facebook. It's true. Saw it myself.

dcox21 @calcdave Dangit! Phone slowed me down again.



jybuell Has Twitter taken off my status update chains yet?

jybuell Hit the twitter update status limit yesterday. Blocked for about 12 hours. Worse thing ever.

jybuell Worse than Twitter being down. I could see everything but not interact. I was like Patrick Swayze in Ghost.

thenerdyteacher @jybuell - Ha! Great comparison. That is too funny.

jybuell @thenerdyteacher Next time you can be my Whoopi Goldberg. I'll email you everything I want to tweet.

mdsteele47  I'd like to formally deny the rumors that I'll be making a guest appearance on @GLEETV season 2, just to set the record straight.

Gavin_DeGraw Here's a picture of some drunken scholar math. http://tweetphoto.com/31261930

mctownsley @dcox21 no. my personal philosophy is that FA can't be done w/o a change in grading philosophy. what do you think?

dcox21 @mctownsley I think they're like chocolate and peanut butter: fine by themselves but when put together...party in your mouth.

k8nowak I am beyond dead weight on my Nerd Trivia team. I don't know whether to be happy or sad.

ThinkThankThunk @k8nowak There are Nerd Trivia teams? Can I join? I know A LOT about star wars

k8nowak @ThinkThankThunk How soon can you get to Brooklyn?

dcox21 @k8nowak "Nerd Trivia?" Isn't that redundant?

k8nowak @ThinkThankThunk @dcox21 my only contribution: the princess who learned about Turing machines on the way to meet the coyote king.

jybuell @k8nowak @thinkthankthunk @dcox21 I am incredibly jealous right now. U need to tweet all the questions

jybuell @k8nowak @thinkthankthunk @dcox21 @schwa044 it's agreed then. Nerd Twitter trivia and Kate is nerd Trebek. I am nerd Sean Connery.

jybuell @ThinkThankThunk @k8nowak @dcox21 @schwa044 u can be nerd Burt Reynolds

sarcasymptote @k8nowak where did this take place? it seems a bit more prestigious than trivia at the hipster bowling alley.

k8nowak @sarcasymptote the Royal Oak? We won. I got 3 pairs of socks, a box of nerds, and a slice of peach pie. Dinner AND socks.

sarcasymptote @k8nowak congrats! i didnt know they did trivia there. my only experiences there are awkward dance parties where everyone looks fifteen.

schwa044 @sarcasymptote are there other kinds of dance parties? 

k8nowak @jybuell @thinkthankthunk @dcox21 @schwa044 you are all on my nerd trivia dream team.

JamiDanielle @jybuell I'll take the penis mightier than the sword for $200.@dcox21 @k8nowak @thinkthankthunk @schwa44

jybuell @JamiDanielle suck it trebek!

park_star @jybuell @k8nowak @thinkthankthunk @dcox21 @schwa044 I'm way terrible at nerd trivia, but am an excellent cheerleader

jybuell @park_star I don't think you're supposed to be cheerleading or riding rollercoasters. Something like that.

park_star @jybuell bah, i'm pregnant not dead!

jybuell @park_star my wife indoor rock climbed til about 6 months. There's a special full body harness

park_star @jybuell ok so your wife is a little nuts ;) but I'm obv in the clear for cheering on star wars trivia.

dcox21 @JamiDanielle @jybuell @k8nowak @thinkthankthunk @schwa44 Was that supposed to be "pen is?"

sarcasymptote on my way to work, saw cops picking up a dead body in the park. on my way home, streets closed bc of bomb scare at the library. go brooklyn!

toojiggy I wonder if we dumped a bunch of Sham Wow's in the Gulf would it be enuf to soak up the oil spill? Too soon, huh? My bad.

jybuell @samjshah You should get a referral fee from twitter with all the new folks you've been signing up.  

samjshah @jybuell yes, you should suggest that to the twitter overlords.   


dcox21 @samjshah Not used to having you on here during west coast hours.

samjshah @dcox21 i like this time zone.

dcox21 @samjshah why don't you stay a while? We're gonna need a calc teacher soon.

jybuell @samjshah agree w David. How about Bay Area? Meyer, Greene, Sue, Avery. We lack quantity but make up for it w quality

dcox21 @jybuell @samjshah Nah, I was thinking central valley. We've got... well @k8nowak used to live here.

jybuell @dcox21 @samjshah I assumed we'd load up the swagger wagon and bring u up here too.

dcox21 @jybuell @samjshah Sister in law lives in SF. Don't think I could afford to live up there. May have to sell a few of the boys.

jybuell @dcox21 @samjshah besides, Dan is like one more viral vid away from getting to start his own school.

schwa044 @dcox21 @jybuell @samjshah I wanna come! I wanna come! Alright let's be real I really just want a job.


dnielsenmoore Please tune in to my hour-long special this evening where I will announce what I'm having for dinner.  


samjshah @jybuell @dcox i wake up to all your tweets from last night! too funny! and @dcox21, some of your boys are sellable? they sound EXPENDABLE.  

dcox21 @samjshah @jybuell Choices. Bay Area or children? Not so hard after you pay $20 for parking a couple of times.  


jybuell re: teacher run school. We're starting one this yr in my district. Interesting, but I would prefer to work w good admin  

dcox21 @jybuell Thats gonna be Lord of the Flies 

jybuell @dcox21 Exactly. They're already setting up separate camps and raiding parties.  

jybuell  @dcox21 as much as I like myself, it would be awful being in a school with all Ts like me.  

jybuell @dcox21 Bunch of alpha control freaks who know their own way is best  

schwa044 @jybuell @dcox21 When will they have time for all that admin stuff.

jybuell @schwa044 Actual quote "Since we pick all the Ts, we won't be dealing w discpline that much" Right..That's how that works.  

schwa044 @jybuell well yea kids will magically be awesome.  

jybuell @schwa044 they didn't cover that in your ed program? That's how it always works.  

schwa044 @jybuell amazing!  


schwa044 think i finished my conference piece nervous it sounds "knowitall"y

sarcasymptote @schwa044 its a curse you have to live with, if you really do know it all.  

schwa044 @sarcasymptote dude and if you do know it all who really cares what anyone else thinks? 

sarcasymptote @schwa044 how did you get that so quickly? none of my coworkers have picked up on that yet. especially not admin. geesh.


jybuell Creating a department logo for intranet page. With Powerpoint. Using a screenshot. Somewhere in CA, @ddmeyer just cried out in pain.

dcox21 @jybuell @ddmeyer Be sure to use Comic Sans.  

ddmeyer @dcox21 @jybuell Make it stop.  

dcox21 @ddmeyer @jybuell Trying to find a way to make all my tweets directed at you show up in comic sans. No luck.  

ddmeyer @dcox21 Turns out there is a God. And He loves me. 

jybuell @ddmeyer @dcox21 changing to a flashing animated gif. With sound.  

schwa044 @ddmeyer @dcox21 @jybuell How comic sans feels about you...http://bit.ly/bhwug6  

sarcasymptote @jybuell @ddmeyer @dcox21 the sound has to be a midi file though  

dcox21 @sarcasymptote @jybuell @ddmeyer And text. Use lots of text. People like to read their flashing gif's with sounds.  

dcox21 @ddmeyer I think the first translation on the Vulgate into English used comic sans. #godlovescomicsans