Kristen Fouss's Trig Links

Sam Shah's Trig Links

Jonathan Claydon's PreCal Resources

MVP Trig Resources

My Trig Pinterest board

Polynomial Graphing Project (Miss Rudolph)

Trigonometry for Solving Problems (Illuminations)

Unit Circle Art (Miss Rudolph)

Parametric Functions (Tina Cardone)

Rational Function Headbandz (Sam Shah)

Trig Function Headbands (Mrs. Cook)

Inverse Trig Functions (Sam Shah)

Unit Circle to Transformations Desmos (Kyle Harlow)

Transformation of Sine/Cosine Curves (Mary Bourassa)

Topic List (Jonathan Claydon)

Trig Ratios Desmos (Jonathan Claydon)

Trig Primer

Trig Functions (Raymond Johnson)

Inverse Trig Graphing, Take 2 (Shireen Dadmehr)

Verifying Trig Identities (Meg Craig)
Trig Identities (Shireen Dadmehr)

Trig Equations (Meg Craig)

Trig Identity Match Up Activity (Shireen Dadmehr)

Gallery Walk for Noticing Features of Inverse Functions (Kate Nowak)

Trig Ferris Wheels (Dave Sladkey)

Trig Match Up Activity (Shireen Dadmehr)


  1. Which of the resources listed above do you find you utilize the most often? How much support does your school site provide you with for you classroom activities?

    1. I would say the links from Kristen Fouss and Johnathan Claydon. I don't really know what you mean by support...I have a chrome book cart and I have the freedom to choose my own activities.

    2. Thank you, I will browse through their post. As for the support, question the reason I asked is because at my school site we have chrome book carts as well but half the time our internet is slow or not working.

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  3. I just read your profile, How do you manage so many courses and how many students are in each? I find it hard enough to manage two courses with about 180 students on the day.