INB Setup: Rotating Stations

Day 2 was Notebook Set Up Day and I tried something new: rotating stations. Usually I go through things one step at a time, wait for everyone to finish, go to the next step. Stations let people work at their own pace, force them to read directions, and save my sanity.

Here's what the process looked like:

Here's the finished product.

I made coloring sheets with each students name on it.

H- Handouts Q- Quizzes T- Tests

Dividers are made out of card stock and sticky tabs.

Students write each other nice post-it notes and stick them to this template.

Interactive Notebook- duck tape on the spine, ribbon bookmark, rubber band hole punched in the back 

Here's the directions (made to fit in 4x6 frames).

Dry Erase Book: An Update

I was super excited about these last year and made a lot of extra work for myself.

Over time, the pages got ripped out and the students constantly complained about how hard the pages were to erase.

I decided to simplify my life this year. I printed all the same pages (see previous post) on colored copy paper: Algebra I blue, Geometry green, Algebra II purple, and Trig pink. I binder clipped those together.

Then I printed the note you see below on white card stock (use a gray font so the letters won't show through) and slid it inside a sheet protector. Then I threw in a skinny dry erase marker and put everything inside this button up envelope (3 for $1 at Dollar Tree).

 Nothing to tear apart, easy to erase, easy to replace.

And cute!

Year 11