Dry Erase Book

 I love dry erase. I use it as much as possible. I have dry erase desks and whiteboards on all the walls.

I started making dry erase 'templates' for certain lessons and shoving them in page protectors. Whenever we needed it, I would get out the page protector, search through it, hold it up, and tell all the students to search through theirs as well.

The papers started getting crumpled edges and the page protectors got dirty.

I had the grand idea to make a dry erase 'book'.

I took out all the pages from the page protector and sorted into piles. Then I found all those digital files and put them in a new folder called Dry Erase Book.

Then I printed them and color coded: Algebra I blue, Geometry green, Algebra II purple, and Trig pink. I printed front to back to save paper and I made a cover and back. I laminated them at home with my little personal laminater because the school's sucks if I'm being honest. Using our school's binding machine, I punched holes in them all and made books.

I made so many mistakes and there are a lot of things I want to fix so I give myself like a B- on this project. But most people won't make mistakes and it's better than what it was.

I made 14 books that were each 14 pages and that took about 8-9 hours.

Here's a flip through video:

Here are the files:

Here are the things I would do differently:
  • Bigger binding combs; I used a 1/2 inch and definitely needed a 1-inch
  • The way I copied things front to back made something upside down or in the wrong order
  • When I punched the holes I did some of them in the wrong direction :(
  • I laminated some of the pages top down and some top up so there 'laminating gaps' at the top or bottom which made them look allllllll jacked up
Here's what I liked:

  • Color coding
  • Putting a graph on the back cover

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