All The (Good) Things!

I don't know why it is so hard for me to be consistent in blogging my one good thing when I can tweet it. But I thought I would do a mash up of all the good things from the past three weeks that I can remember and then start fresh next week!

  • A senior that's not in my math class this year has been calling me on his teacher's classroom phone between 7th and 8th hour and just chatting for the 3 minute passing period. I don't know why and he gave me a lot of grief last year but...I guess he misses me? lol
  • Today a senior I don’t have in math class came to me for help with his online college math class. As he walked out of the room he turned back and said “You’ll be happy to know I even used Desmos.”
  • Doing function composition in Algebra II a girl said "I'm really enjoying this. I just wanted you to know that."
  • The students like function composition with numbers to plug in better than just simplifying functions so on their practice the last first 6 were simplifying and the last 3 were with numbers. One boy said that was like the 'dessert'. Another student told me had done the last 3 first and the boy says "You ate dessert before dinner?!" As I was walking around helping students, a student asked for help and then said "Ok, you can go back to having dinner with T*****." Lol
  • Former student who sat through trig senior year doing nothing and failed-getting zeros (it wasn’t required), messaged me today to ask if she should do an 8 month program or 2 year associates degree for medical assisting.
  • Reviewed metric conversions, fractions, and percents with Algebra I freshman....overheard “Ms. Miller makes it seems so easy”
  • I got a new document camera and it's SUPER awesome and I will be getting a new ipad soon!
  • I use google photos all the time but it just occurred to me to take pictures of student work as I walk around, sync it, and then display it on the SMART board
  • I've heard some kids talking about working on Delta Math and saying it's fun or they did it at home or they're ready for week 4 or they like it so BIG WIN
  • A student who has anger problems is behind on some assignments, apparently got in an argument with his mom about Delta Math, and had a bunch of excuses for another teacher about the work; when he came to class today he asked for help a few time and thanked me each time. His mom e-mailed me tonight to tell me he was half done with Delta Math.
  • My freshman are ON. IT. I love them already.
  • My 'lower' Algebra I class has only 6 students in but we are already vibing; they shout out answers and if they're wrong they just shout out some more. They are doing so good and I hope it lasts forever.
  • The students asked me if I was going to our county fair to the demolition derby; I haven't been since I was probably a teenager myself. My sister wanted to go and one of my students was driving in it so I went. I saw a few students as we walked in but when we got to the grandstand a whole giant group of students from my school were sitting together and they literally cheered for me as I walked by. I mean.....I can't even!!!
  • So far we haven't had any technology problems!
  • Each day flies by so fast; I have no classes I dread, I have no troublemakers, and I just enjoy it!
  • I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on Twitter and Facebook on my #teach180 posts 
  • Just kids who tell me they love me and give me fist bumps and high fives every day

This is my purpose and my passion- these are my people.

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