That New New

ideas for a new year:

graduation animals

teacher superlatives

PBIS reward cards

this awesome proof idea

birthday club

I already buy students their favorite candy for their birthday but now I want to up my game. I will use my Student Council to help with logistics instead of actually creating a new club but here are my ideas:

  • birthday brag bracelets
  • schedule a Remind message on their birthday (all at the beginning of the year and then I don't have to think about it!)
  • and suggested by someone on Twitter that I don't remember, paper balloons attached to a dowel rod (I'm thinking I would have StuCo make these ahead of time, then I could stick it in the handle of their locker on their birthday morning)

teacher appreciation gifts

Again with my Stu Co but mostly me...I plan to buy these cute post-it holders from Naeir for all the teachers and then make their name out of vinyl to put on each. I am all about the positive vibes this year!


I am jumping headfirst into Jennifer's awesome whiteboarding scripts for Geometry.

dry erase book

Still a work in progress but I finally cleaned out all of the pages I've been shoving inside of page protectors. I'm putting them in order by course, printing front and back, color coding them, laminating them, and then binding them into a little book. I'll store them in my classroom carts and I can add to them at any point.

weekly parent emails

Thanks to this post I have it all set up where students can take a survey every Friday and it automatically sends out an email to the parents and me. I can't wait to see how it goes!

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