The Feltron Project

Nothing like waiting 10 years to try an idea you read, right? Oh yeah, I wasn't even teaching then. ;)

This project was introduced to me by Dan Meyer here and his post-mortem here. He tried it before Google Docs, Forms, and Sheets were really a thing so that is a major thing that I will be changing. I also don't plan on devoting as much time in the end as he did so it's probably not going to go well? 

I love lists and I see all the time how students need more experience with spreadsheets so this seems like a fun way to do it. I'm thinking I will ask students to track 3 things of their choosing and then one that we all do together. But the one we do together, I want to be the same for every single course.

I don't really even know how to introduce it or explain it but...I want to do it?

I came up with a list of possible things to track (some based on what I know about my kids):

Data Doc

  • Quiz grades
  • Test grades
  • Attendance
  • Snap streaks
  • Instagram likes
  • Netflix seasons/episodes
  • YouTube videos watched
  • Points scored
  • Money made/spent
  • Books read
  • Texts sent/received
  • Miles traveled
  • Fish caught
  • Geese/turkey/deer shot
  • Sodas consumed
  • Fast food I eat
  • Hours of sleep
  • Temperature
  • Minutes of sports watched
  • Songs listened to

Also I really enjoy making cute powerpoints so I hope that part can be kind of fun for them as well. Obviously this needs work and structure but I had to at least get the thoughts out there.

Any ideas?

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