Systems and Forms: The Cheerleading Version

Melissa asked my if I would be willing to share my cheer stuff which was great timing considering I had nothing to blog about today!

Let me preface this by saying we are not a hardcore competitive squad. We only cheer for basketball and 11 is the most cheerleaders I've ever had. But also that doesn't mean that I don't have forms and a handbook! lol

Cheerleading Expectations

Cheerleading Contract

I do tryouts after volleyball ends because a lot of my cheerleaders do both. Again, small school. I ask the school nurse to help me with tryouts because she is a former cheerleader and former coach. Surprisingly enough, I am a former basketball player.

I give the girls a rubric on the first day and a copy of the expectations. We teacher them 4-5 sideline cheers and two floor cheers. The second day they perform the floor cheers in groups. Then we call them in one by one to do their individual sideline cheers. They also have to do a cartwheel, herkie, spread eagle, and toe touch.

We both agree on a score and then I rank them from highest scores to lowest.

Here is the rubric:

I also make practice schedules for each month so that everyone knows when we have games and practices.

Our first practice we pick out bags, socks, shoes, bows, and warm-ups. I make a price sheet and the girls fill out their sizes and then I order.

I make a cheerleading bible for each girl with all the rules and cheers in it. My school has a binding machine so I print them front to back on card stock and bind it.

Cheerleading Bible (all cheers listed)

I also make a mini version for myself in a binder that I carry to games with me. Some years I have to keep track of who calls the cheers because I want every girl to participate. Last year I trained them pretty well to start with the captain and go in order through the entire squad and then repeat. I also keep attendance for practice and games too.

That's all I can think of- hope this helps Melissa!

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