Function Composition: An Intro

I'm pretty sure I got this original task from @pamjwilson but I can't find the original file or link. I found this one which is where I got the questions from.

I tried this before with my own family tree but it just brought on way too many irrelevant questions so my friend @howie_hua suggested I used the Kardashian family. I knew there was a big famous family that was obvious so thanks for helping me out.

I posted this photo in Google Classroom and had the students leave it open on their chrome books:

Numbers 6-10 is where the real meat is; here we have to discuss what comes first and where to start.

The above questioned helped them establish that order matters.

As students were writing their answers on their desk, I went around taking pictures, synced it with Google Photos, and then was able to immediately show them their classmates responses. #winning

Next we labeled index cards and baby post-its.

They are color coded on purpose- these are the three colors of baby post-its I had. Lol.

When I did it in class, we wrote the f(x) on the lined side of the index cards but then we had to keep flipping them over so I edited the slides to put the label in the top left corner.

Then I showed them a problem like this (the answer doesn't show at first):

And we talked about what color post-it to use and which index card to stick it on.

Then they would simplify it on their desk and I would click the slide to show the final answer.

Tomorrow I will follow up with this function composition match without the index cards which also throws in some square roots and putting a function inside itself and finally INB notes.

Here's the powerpoint:

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