Points, Lines, and Planes...Help!

This is Skill #1 in geometry for me and we can all agree that it's super important and full of so many little details. Over the years I have come up with so many ideas to tackle this skill with and I still don't really feel successful.

One of my favorite activities is what I originally called my hands-on naming review. I made segments and arrows out of pieces of pipe cleaner and little fuzzy balls and cut letters written on construction paper.

This year I tried the same activity with play dough and letters I cut out from my Silhouette Cameo. The students really enjoyed it but it took much longer for them to roll up the play dough and make all the pieces. I felt like they weren't really paying attention to the symbols or notation and it was like pulling teeth to get them to refer back to their notes.

So I thought I would share what I did and see if you have any feedback. I need a better flow and to shorten up how much time I spend but hopefully in a more efficient way.

First I did blind sketch; students describe a drawing to the other person and they draw it without seeing it.

We made a list of all the vocabulary words they used while describing the pictures.

Then I had them sort this cut up answer key from a graphic organizer.

The next day I passed out this page for their INBs. The left side is the 'answer key' to the card sort so they could compare their work. The right side we filled in together.

Here is the hands on naming review:

And some play dough pictures:

Next I plan to do this worksheet activity with the tissue box model below.

I thought I would follow up with a Kahoot and another worksheet that I don't have a copy of.

I've also used this in the past:

What am I missing?

What am I not doing enough of?

What is the magic key to unlocking the unicorn dust of points, lines, and planes?


  1. The playdough looks like a cool idea but I could see my students making all sorts of other things!

    1. That's definitely true but the same stuff they will draw with markers or pencils too lol