Me in 10 Memes

I tweeted about this already but I feel like my blog readers are mostly not Twitter followers.

I teach at a tiny school of about 100 high school students 9-12 and I am the only math teacher. Most of my students have went to school together their whole lives. I have every student at least three years in a row.

This makes beginning of school icebreakers and first day activities a challenge because they all know each other super well and they all know me super well.

But everybody likes memes, right?

Actually memes are one of our favorite things to talk about in class so this just fits perfectly.

Me in 10 memes:

My ninth graders are my only 'new' students and even then we already know each others' names and such. But even my 'old' students will laugh with me and know how well I'm telling the truth.

I plan to use this on Monday after we set up our binders and INBs. Friday is our first actual day but it is a 12 dismissal so we will see each class for ~20 minutes. Here is the google slides link if you need it for some reason?

For that day, I'm trying to think of something fun with my Hedbanz game...I thought about having them guess numbers but maybe I should just have them play the actual game and focus on good questions?

I know I want them up and active and talking- any suggestions?


  1. We are the same person. And I may totally steal this since I will only be gaining two new students this year!

  2. How many Leslie Knope's can their be? lol