First Days 2018-2019

Friday- met with each class for 22 minutes; asked them to write their name, birthday, and favorite candy on cutout balloons for my birthday bulletin board; played Hedbanz to promote conversation and questioning; passed out brag bracelets with Remind code, IG account, and a reminder to bring their composition notebook.

Monday- passed out dry erase markers, mechanical pencils, pencil pouch, binders, and rubber bands; did mental math, introduced Google Classroom and Delta Math; students left private comments for me to respond, added duck tape and stickers to our notebooks, labeled our binders, hole punched and put in rubber bands

Tuesday- Tough Guess Tuesday and introduced the bell ringer form for M/T/F; students again responded in private comments, played Kahoot to introduce procedures and such, added dividers and tabs to our binders, put in a ribbon bookmark in our notebooks, colored our first INB page, a Math Tools pocket, and took a Mathematical Smartness survey.


  1. It looks like your first days are going well. I'm looking at Delta Math as per your suggestion. I'll let you know what I think.

    I'm wondering what your Mathematical Smartness survey is?

    1. It's the inside of the Math Tools Pocket. Link here: https://app.box.com/s/loh1exup73zzgceiqfi7euqp58pj2483 Font is Zengo.

    2. Thank you.