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I don't know where I was going with this but it's been in my drafts far too long so here it is!

Two key principles of assessment involved providing opportunities for feedback and revision.

Feedback is extremely important as a means of makings student thinking visible,

Assessment must focus on understanding, not just memory.

From Mimi's post:
  • Giving group tests (which will have NO re-test option allowed) before individual tests, to force kids to communicate/explain the concepts to each other.
  • Peer evaluation of work against learning standard, using the system "2 stars and a wish." Jo cites research that when you spend class time to do this, you are clarifying learning goals and you can cover the same material in half the time.
  • Written math journal, intentional grouping, and structured discussions (as per Complex Instruction) to actively engage all students in a heterogeneous learning environment. (Jo cites anecdotal evidence that mixed-ability grouping yields better learning result for all.)
  • Recognize kids who ask good questions by putting their questions on a poster to keep up.

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