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In my own personal effort to #ExpandMTBoS, I'm continuing a category of blog posts called 'How To' so I can share the strategies behind the resource. I hope new and veteran teachers alike can find something useful. Click on the tag to the right for more posts!

Last year I started using Google Docs for the first time for lesson planning. My lesson plans are fairly simply but I have four preps. So basically I make a table and type brief descriptions. 

I like that on Google Docs I can share it with my principal and also create a table of contents so he can click ahead to the correct week. Link here.

This year I also decided to create a spreadsheet that I'm calling a 'daily log'. I plan to specifically list what I did in class each day. I'm curious to see how it actually lines up with my lesson 'plans'. Link here.

Now tonight I just realized that I should start uploading resources to Google Drive and linking them. Then I will have built in plans for next year! Which reminds me of another idea where someone mentioned saving their INB pages as pdfs so the formatting doesn't get messed up. I haven't noticed that happening but it has happened with some of my INB answer keys.

What documents do you use to help you plan?

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  1. Tracking what you did get done compared to your planned lessons is a great idea. My goal this year is to get more organized and this looks like a great way to start. I also want to hang out and learn in your classroom after reading your plans. It sounds so much more exciting. Please keep sharing your passion and I'll keep following.