Digital and Video Answer Keys

Last year I finally got the genius idea to make digital answer keys for each INB page. While that takes a while obviously, I was writing them out every year to have an answer key for absent students.

This year, I only have to do the first couple in each unit. I also thought I would upload them somewhere in Google Classroom for students to access.

I also never thought of saving them as a pdf so the formatting won't get messed up. So this year I will save them as a pdf and upload to my google drive. I'm thinking I will create a google doc or spreadsheet with the pdf links and post it in Classroom. Then there is only one post for students to look for and I can update after each lesson with the INB answer key pdf.

The big project I wanted to do over summer but procrastinated never got to was to make a video of myself explaining and writing out the notes for each skill. But multiply that times 4 preps and we're talking at least 120+ videos.

Ov. Er. Whelm. Ing.

What I did do was update all my powerpoints and then saved each slide as a JPEG. My idea is that I can use the Show Me app on my ipad, insert the pictures, then record my voice talking while I fill in the notes with a stylus.

I've never actually used the ShowMe app but I think I can get a link to the video and add it to the previously mentioned doc/spreadsheet. So there would be a video and pdf answer key for each skill.

It sounds simple in my head but so time consuming. I thought maybe I could do it after I teach the lesson so it will be fresh and also spaced out over the year instead of trying to do them all at once in the summer.

But I don't wanna. Lol




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  1. How do you fill them in live in class? I literally create a notebook for each period that is identical to my students. I glue everything. I write everything. I model 100% as they would do. Yes I end up with lots of notebooks, but it also makes it easy to know where each class left off. I fill in the INB pages under a document camera. I record live in class using the document camera and post those videos to youtube (unlisted) and then link on google classroom. This means that whoever watches the videos gets all of my crazy comments, all the crazy questions asked, and all of the intercom interruptions. But hey, they can always skip ahead. I also take pics of the notes and post that with it as well.