Semester Reflection...with pictures

I've written about this just a bit (here and here) but it's still the best thing I do.

I tried sharing this on Twitter but I get caught up in Google Docs sharing between my personal and school e-mail so let me try again with the link to my template/rubric here.

Now there have been then times that students said things that hurt my feelings but those things usually had a kernel of truth in them. But the longer I do this, the better the comments get. Now maybe they are just sucking up to me but I don't even care...this job is hard and I will celebrate EVERY good moment.

With pictures.

This was posted as an assignment in Google classroom with a template they could all view but not edit. After they turned it in,  I left comments on their actual papers and then typed in the points on my original rubric. I typed the grade in on Google classroom and after I returned their work they could see all three: points, grade, comments.

I took screenshots whenever I felt like that and I switched between laptop, ipad, and iphone. To comment on the ipad I had to 'mark up' their paper and then it automatically saved as a pdf. I highlighted, circled, left emojis and actual comments.

Sorry not sorry for all the scrolling you're about to do!

My favorite question I asked was "What is something you and I have in common?" It really shows the levels of how well students know you. If they list something personal or more than one thing, you know you're doing good. If they list you are both female or you both like math....well, you've got some work to do.