Dry Erase Book: An Update

I was super excited about these last year and made a lot of extra work for myself.

Over time, the pages got ripped out and the students constantly complained about how hard the pages were to erase.

I decided to simplify my life this year. I printed all the same pages (see previous post) on colored copy paper: Algebra I blue, Geometry green, Algebra II purple, and Trig pink. I binder clipped those together.

Then I printed the note you see below on white card stock (use a gray font so the letters won't show through) and slid it inside a sheet protector. Then I threw in a skinny dry erase marker and put everything inside this button up envelope (3 for $1 at Dollar Tree).

 Nothing to tear apart, easy to erase, easy to replace.

And cute!

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  1. This is such a neat idea! I will totally use this in my future classroom. I remember always wanting to use dry erase markers when I was in school. Therefore, I believe this will be such a fun and engaging activity for students. Thanks for sharing!