Algebra 2 CRS Skills

Last but not least, although it does have the least amount...

Algebra 2 CRS Skills

Solve routine first-degree equations.

Multiply two binomials.

Evaluate quadratic functions, expressed in function notation, at integer values.

Evaluate polynomial functions, expressed in function notation, at integer values.

Work with cubes and cube roots of numbers.

Determine when an expression is undefined.

Exhibit some knowledge of the complex numbers.

Identify solutions to simple quadratic equations.

Add, subtract, and multiply polynomials.

Factor simple quadratics (e.g., the difference of squares and perfect square trinomials).

Solve first-degree inequalities that do not require reversing the inequality sign.

Apply number properties involving prime factorization.

Apply number properties involving even/odd numbers and factors/multiples.

Apply number properties involving positive/negative numbers.

Apply rules of exponents.

Multiply two complex numbers.

Solve quadratic equations.

Find solutions to systems of linear equations.

Evaluate composite functions at integer values.

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