INB Goodies

Every year I change my table of contents for my INB so you'll be glad to know this year is no different. See past versions here.

I really liked the box split in half for page numbers. I did not like the boxes underneath each concept title. I did not like that I called it a skill and a concept on the same page....like what?

I simplified it and added more rows. {Fonts are ChunkFive Roman and Running for a cause} Another change I made came from a great PD strategy. I put a circle in front of each skill. I'm going to ask students to shade in the circle based on how confident they feel about doing it. I figure I'll ask three times, using a different color each time: the day after they learn it, after they take a quiz over it, and on study guide day. It's powerful to watch the circles fill up.

I'm really trying to build in regular reflection so that's one small way.

Another larger way is to have a reflection page for the whole unit. We always start a new unit with a table of contents page on the RHP, leaving the LHP empty. Seems like a great place to summarize the previous unit.

I stole all of this from Sarah Carter {see here and here} but I would still love your feedback. I used her reflection post to make changes.

Next on my reflection agenda is to steal Kathryn Belmonte's idea of student nominations. Please check out her presentation here and my summary here.

Does this count as a close? {Two birds. One stone.} I want to end class with reflection time but also use the idea of nominations as positive peer pressure to take it home and make it better. I obviously gave up on homework again but I really did like the idea of a reflection question. Maybe I will switch it up between asking on Google Classroom or Remind and the INB reflection assignment.


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