Bell Ringers 3.0

One disadvantage of teaching in a tiny school is that you can't just reuse everything because you have the same students for three years in a row. So every year I have to find new first day of school activities and change things like my daily bell ringers.

Every year I find a new obsession so I would probably just change it anyway.

Updates from last year:
  • Changed the colors to match better
  • Took off the week labels {how is it that we got to school for 180 days but it's more than 36 weeks....so confusing}
  • Changed "Weigh It Wednesday" balance bender puzzles to "Work It Wednesday" brain teasers {thanks to weekly KenKen pdfs for educators!}
  • Changed "Thoughtful Q's Thursday" to "Number Talks Thursday" {excited but completely unprepared for these}
  • Updated estimation180 and WODB photos with new ones {thanks everyone who submits those!}

Here is THE powerpoint!

Now I have some questions. Last year I printed out front and back handouts every week for students. I know some people use Google Classroom for warm ups but I just don't think I can rely on our Internet on a daily basis. 

I know for sure I want students to write on Mental Math Mondays. 

I'm thinking I could use Google Forms for Tough Guess Tuesday estimation180 photos. Most people did not or could not calculate the error and error percentage. Do I need them to do that? Do I need them to write a description and a reason? How would I display the information in a useful way? 

Work It Wednesday are brain teasers that don't necessarily require writing...students could use dry erase markers on their desk. Do I need them to write anything?

For Number Talk Thursday, it's supposed to be mental so students could use marker again. But I also used some dot images so I could print those on paper for students to write on. I kind of like the idea of printing more than one of the same image so they can practice seeing different strategies. 

I know for sure I want students to use Plickers for Freaky Friday WODB. They love Plickers and I only use them a couple times of year. But do I want them to write their reasons? Or just call on random people to share their answers? I obviously don't grade these so do I NEED them to write?

I guess what I'm truly struggling with is....will they do it if I don't make them write it down and turn it in?

It would be great if I could use less paper...maybe fit one week per side, cutting the amount of copies I need in half. But my favorite part of last year's handouts was the questions I asked every week. They were random and let me get to know the students so much better. I guess I could use Google Classroom for those too...how would you do that? Every Friday post a question?

How do you guys handle your warm ups in a way that makes your heart smile? :-)


  1. This is awesome! Thank You so much! Do you have an answer key you use along with your bell ringers?

    1. Yes, they are in the powerpoint.

    2. Thank You! I am sure my students will love this. I am able to see the answers for all the slides except for the "which one doesn't belong?" Do they have specific answers?

      This is my first year teaching HS Math and I wish I would have encountered your blog since the beginning of the year. You have great ideas and many strategies! Thanks for sharing!

    3. Each picture can be the correct answer. The important thing is to have students share their thinking. I have them vote in Google Forms then I ask for reasons for each picture and wait until I get multiple answers for each picture.

    4. Thank You! That is a great idea!