31 Days of Reflection Calendar

I have to begin by explaining how this post proves Sara Vanderwerf wrong. She presented this to us on Monday afternoon and told us to make our list in the next 24 hours or we wouldn't do it.

It took me 24x4 hours to actually do it but I did so na na boo boo on you.

I had already favorited this tweet from earlier in the week, not really knowing what it pertained to, just literally liking it.

I ended TMC with Sara's session on reflection. She recommended at least 1-5 minutes of daily reflection. She also recommended reflecting with another teacher. She and a colleague take a walk around the building each day after school. One of Sara's methods was to make a customizable calendar of 31 pictures she likes that reminds her of things she wants to be intentional about in her classroom. {There's that pesky i-word again,} She printed hers out and hung them on a binder clip in her classroom to flip through each day.

Well I jumped ALL over that. I mean think about my trigger words here.... "customizable", "make", "calendar", "printed", "binder clip".

For me, even stronger than pictures are quotes. I have always loved them. I filled up floppy disks with Notepad files of quotes pasted from the Internet. I have journals full of them. I screenshot them. They're my fave.

Please don't even be surprised that they are this color or chevron or that I made it pretty. {Font is Covered By Your Grace}

You. Already. Know.

Odd numbers are quotes and even numbers are things to do.

I CANNOT wait to print and laminate these {I can wait for the cutting part} and hang them up in my room. Most of them came from the book Unshakeable and my own blog post about baby steps I will take in the classroom this year. What better way to remind myself of all my grand plans than to literally look at them every day?

Here's to year 8: 8 is the number of new beginnings and 7 was my 7 year slump. I declare the best year yet with a newly reflective and intentional teacher!



  1. Sweet! I felt the same when I read your words......customizable, calendar, then added one (and I'm sure you just forgot ;) laminate, cut .....joy. Thank you

    1. Debating on laminating them at school or with my thick glorious laminate sheets at home...16 is a lot.

  2. I say thick and glorious sheets : )

    1. They are on sale this week at Target...must be a sign