#TMC16 Google Your Feedback to Students {Jessica Rice}

Google Your Feedback to Students
Jessica Rice
Monday 2:45-3:45


Similar to a mail merge, autocrat will pull data from a spreadsheet and put into a customizable template.

Use << tags >> to pull specific columns into a specific place. 

It creates individual documents that can be shared or emailed out to kids.

While grading tests, type your feedback into a spreadsheet. Use autocrat to pull that feedback into a template that sends a doc to students. Students can read your feedback and then reflect on it in an empty column. Since you created the document and shared with them, anything they type can be seen.

If a column of the spreadsheet has an email address, you can email/share the new document with students/staff/parents.

Hack: View student work in google docs in grid view to see if students have answered.

Hack: Use colored boxes where you want students to type in an answer.


-Grades multiple choice and short answer
-Hand grade certain columns
-Can have more than one correct answer by separating answers with %or
-Can set amount of points per question
-Can email a grade
-Check accuracy and regrade before hand grading or they will all disappear
-Can hand grade, gives points and written feedback
-Can include answer key and message in email

Hack: In Google Chrome, click the hamburger to select new incognito window. Opens a new window that isn't logged in to any accounts.

Google Classroom
-Shows student work that is due in all classes.
-Creates folders for each class and assignment
-Shows teachers the assignments that are done and not done

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