#TMC16 Journaling and Writing in Mathematics {Anna Blinstein}

Journaling and Writing in Mathematics
Anna Blinstein
Sunday 4:00-5:00

What do you value in your classroom? How will more writing help you achieve this? What concerns do you have about more writing with students?

Writing helps:
-mathematical practices
-closes gender gaps (especially deeply reflective writing}

-Start small
-Get buy in
-Make it regular
-Give feedback
-Ask students to reflect on their writing

-ask on the bottom of quizzes/tests what question they were most proud of and which one was most challenging
-one thing I learned today is...
-name another lesson this reminded you of
-what's one thing you're the best at
-weekly reflection about something they've learned

Progress from short response to learning logs and journals, to formal write-ups.

Carmel Schettino's blog and rubrics

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