#TMC16 Getting Triggy With It: Interactive Trig {Kristen Fouss}

Getting Triggy With It: Interactive Trig
Kristen Fouss
Saturday 2:45-3:45

1) Smartie Arc

2) Measure the angles of a triangle in radians; triangles equal 180 should equal 3.14 radians

3) Build the unit circle by building three for degrees, radians, and ordered pairs with patty paper; manipulate the party paper to form triangles in all four quadrants

4) Trig Wheel-two different colors, one in radians, one in degrees; cut out, cut dotted radius, and label;

5) Finger Trick

6) Stations

7) Jay Cutler timeline- write equation for graph and test it in Desmos

8) Plot your biorhythms

9) Interactive Quiz goo.gl/ntq6S0

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