#TMC16: What Do We Have to Learn from Each Other? {Tracy Zager}

What Do We Have to Learn from Each Other?
Tracy Zager
Sunday Keynote 1:30-2:30

Tribe time is valuable!

Elementary math is a field of it's own that deserves it's own study and respect.

In the US we base our math identity on how far we go in our own math education. In other countries it's about depth.

Content and pedagogy shouldn't be pitted against each other just like elementary and secondary shouldn't be.

Content and pedagogy and the pillars of a bridge; it doesn't make sense to have one and not the other.
They allow us to build pedagogical content knowledge on them.

PCK: How can I create the environment so that my students, who I know, can learn the math they need to know?

We all need to work on all the things.

Elementary teachers tend to have strong pedagogy because they've never been able to lecture. Secondary teachers tend to have strong content knowledge because they can.

Story #1: When an elementary teacher learns content from secondary

People need a respectful environment to engage in math at their own pace. We can offer that by not letting strong students or ourselves to jump in too early. {I need to be better about this as a way to my honor my students' effort}

Story #2: When a secondary teacher learns pedagogy from an elementary

A thread about how to close class. "Never skip the close!"

We focus on hooks because we have disengaged kids,

Closing question: What do you understand better at the end of class?

Story #3:

Extraordinary things happen when we all discuss math preK-16+.

This is unheard of in our brick and mortar buildings.

Call to Action

What would it take to make vertical collaboration thinkable IRL?

What are the obstacles to collaboration? Can we tear them down?

What are the conditions for collaboration?

What first steps can I take?

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