5 Summer Secrets for a Stress Free Fall

So ya'll know that Angela Watson is my girl now. I listened to one of her podcast's today and of course- I had to take notes.

Here's the link because you should really listen for yourself. I love practical advice and this applies to personal life as well as professional life.


What is your end of summer vision?

  1.  Eliminate unintentional breaks
     -Turn off notifications
     -Be intentional with your time
  2. Work ahead by batching without switching tasks or multi-tasking
     -Only multitask when one task is fairly mindless
     -School batch: first week activities, year long pacing guide, research new activities
  3. Use scheduling to create barriers around your time
     -Work away from home
     -Choose how much time you will work
     -Scheduling creates urgency and focus
     -If you want to turn your brain off at night, you have to write everything down
  4. Figure out the "main" thing and do it first
     -If the main thing gets done first, you won't feel guilty for being interrupted
     -If you can't pick the main thing, pick the hardest thing
  5. Relax your standards that only create more work for you
    -If you can relax your standards without anyone noticing, your standards are too high
     -Delegate tasks
     -Saying no to tasks that create more work, means you can say yes to things you enjoy 
Knowing isn't doing.

Consistent action gets results.

Small changes add up to big results.

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