Event Box

When you work in a small school, you wear a lot of hats. Mine include cheerleading coach, Student Council sponsor, and prom sponsor.

This means I am the adult responsible for decorating for Homecoming and Prom, two huge events per year.

This also means that I end up raiding my classroom for scissors and glue and tape and thumb tacks and such that shockingly never make it back to my classroom.

There must be a better way {seven years later}!

Introducing........the event box!

Yes it is a tool box in our school colors and yes there is chevron tape in a chevron design all around the box. Sitting on a chevron runner.

So I like chevron. It's my brand.

The contents won't quite be complete until I actually feel like going back to school but it's a good start.

My favorite scissors {from Dollar Tree obvi}, X-Acto knives, hot glue gun, fishing wire, staples for my absent staple gun, duct tape, packing tape, safety pins, thumb tacks and solar candle batteries. Just need to add some hot glue sticks and.......

Any other ideas?

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