#TMC16: More Than Resources {Dylan Kane}

More Than Resources
Dylan Kane
Monday Keynote 1:30-2:30

What was an experience that made you a better teacher? What were the conditions?

Personally, it was reading so many different blog posts from a variety of teachers that gave me a window into their classrooms and teaching styles. And then asking those people for help and having them ask me questions and push me out of my comfort zone.

Two Lessons

1. My intuition isn't very good
-We see what we want to see

2. There are no easy fixes
-We can't just plug good ideas into the classroom and expect magic
-We have skills to build around good ideas to make them work

Clever ideas /= coherent curriculum

The amount of time you practice is not as important as how you use that time.

Deliberate Practice
-gets you out of your comfort zone
-is focused
-involved feedback
-has well-defined, specific goals

-Intentional Talk
-Open Middle problems

It's valuable to break down what we don't have so we know how to build.

"Everything works somewhere and nothing works everywhere." -Dylan Williams

Our expertise is in knowing our students, schools, and communities well enough to know how and which tools to use and when.

It's unrealistic and unprofessional to ask teachers to change more than 10% of what they do.
It's also unrealistic and unprofessional to not expect them to change.

Call to Action

  • What will your 10% be? 
  • How can you be more purposeful about it?
  • How can this community create tools that are more useful for more teachers?

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