#TMC16 31 Days of Inspiration Via Pictures on Twitter {Sara VanDerWerf}

31 Days of Inspiration Via Pictures on Twitter
Sara VanDerWerf
Monday Flex

Pictures speak louder and faster than anything else.

Use photos of group work to list good characteristics of group work. Let the photos do the work.

Photos elicit emotion.

We focus more on how to make students better but rarely focus on how to make me better.

Visuals help develop strategies.

What do you most want to remember to do well this next year?

1. Be intentional with my time on school work outside of school.

2. Never skip the close!

Commit to 1-5 minutes of daily reflection.

Make a list of what you are passionate about in your classroom. How can you regularly reflect on your personal list of things you want to remember to do more of.

Make a 31 day calendar of pictures that remind you of things to intentionally focus on.

"Get low" in the classroom so students don't look to you as the answer keeper.

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