#TMC14 My Favorites

My Favorites is a session where teachers share their favorite things in 5-10 minutes.

Rebekah Peterson @RebeckaMozdeh
  • Friday Letters- warm-up as usual or write me a Friday letter (decorate a mailbox); respond to every letter; opens up lines of communication for quieter students
  • Mathematician Spotlight- one per unit, corresponds to unit; students post biographical information; restate a quote, defend their position on the quote, find three bits of interesting information
Sara Martin @Sarah3Martin
  • Window Math- weekly problems written on window; bigger prize for less correct answers, smaller prize for more correct answers 'cheaters'
John Mahlstedt @jdmahlstedt
  • Write the date as a math problem
  • Tell your students how awesome you are- literally! Answer questions about yourself. Fill in the blank notes to match. :) Bonus Questionssss
Christine Sullivan @mathiechris
  • Planbook.edu
  • Online plan book allows you to attach standards, links, activities, worksheet, etc
  • End of year, comparing standardized test results to attached standards allows you to identify gaps and weaknesses
Bob Lochel @bobloch
  • Meaningful Adjacencies Icebreaker- 5 favorite tv shows; order your cards so you are closest to the most people who share matches; maximize solutions; 3 minute video
Glenn Waddell @gwaddellnvhs
  • Turn a styrofoam cup upside down and slit the top. Use an old smartphone to place inside  and record your teaching.
Justin Lanier @j_lanier
  • Favorite blogger- John Holt from1968; 5th grade teacher in Colorado; wrote books of daily
  • reflections, "How Children Learn" and "How Children Fail"; helped start homeschooling and unschooling movement;
  • Three lessons: 1. Look around. 2. Teach (and admit the) crazy. 3. Trust children.
Michael Pershan @mpershan
Jenn Crase @fibanachos
  • Part to Whole relationship
  • Factor Product relationship
  • Using visual models to understand equations
  • Middle school level
Pam Wilson @pamjwilson
  • Chalk Talk- everything is written instead of spoken
  • Students have to process in a different way
  • Students can write with highlighters in the dark with black lights
  • Ghosts in the graveyard
  • Plickers- app where students hold up QR codes and teachers take a picture and the app records the responses. Excitation!
Max Ray  @maxmathforum
  • Grant with EnCOMPASS
  • Aug 5-8 hybrid face-to-face online institute
  • Software that collects student work and analyzes and categorizes parts
Heather Kohn @heather_kohn
  • Partner Reading for Comprehension-partner 1 reads aloud; partner 1 questions/comments; partner 2 clarifies
  • Cut and Grow- take a student writing sample and they choose one sentence to edit; cut out the part that is wrong and rewrite
Andrew @froynboy
  • Animal rubric 
  • Seating chart arranged in 90s hip-hop groups
  • Character picture on desk
  • Project is researching their character and presenting
  • Play parts of song to call on groups
  • Highest grade wins the unicorn award
  • Video game themed tests
Cindy Johnson @johnsonmath
  • Conic cards!
  • Sorting!
Meg Craig @mathymeg07
  • Equation Editor 3.1 prints and copies better
  • Make shortcuts for symbols
  • Create your own autocorrect for common fractions, radicals, etc
  • Link goo.gl/TKlAz6
Sebastian Spear @Sebastian_S
  • 99-card game; any number of players; center deck; avoid being the player that pushes the center deck over 99; no winners, one loser; cards add value to center deck
  • Zilch-red negative, black positive; your hand must add up to 0; start with four cards and students make pairs; then change to five cards
Anthony Rossetti @aanthonya
Jasmine Walker @jazmath
  • Tabletop Twitter-posters; each student has a market; answer question; respond to people with @, and create your own hashtags
  • Quadrilateral Dating Game-speed dating structure; "meet" quadrilaterals and record traits
  • Cell phone problem solution- warning on the first day; get out an envelope and put phone in it until the end if the day; if they refuse, sign a card saying they accept the consequences

Bob @bobloch
  • Favorite movie genre correlation regression

Shelli @druinok
  • StatKey; app that can convert between data displays, etc
Kathryn Belmonte @iisanumber
  • Students true colors personality survey; 15 minutes; four categories; rank groups of adjectives to determine color

Dylan Kane @math8_teacher
  • Five triangles problem; want students to have mathematical insights over being able to do a lot of steps
Glenn Waddell @gwaddellnvhs
  • Buy your own domain-powerful way to represent yourself as a professional in a public space
  • Lunar pages donates free domain
Julie @jreulbach
  • Laminate plicker QR codes and attach to interactive notebooks
  • hinge questions where each multiple choice answer maps to a specific misunderstanding for differentiation

Sam @samjshah

John  @Jstevens009
  • Would you rather...math? Link
  • Needs help with new ideas
  • Goal of 100

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  1. I'm glad you made this list! I missed some of the MF's.

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