Action Plan

I got really overwhelmed and panicky at my Common Core conference today. My twitter fam calmed me down as always and now after a nap and my mom's homemade pizza, I have some perspective.

  1. I can't redo much in one week.
  2. In Illinois, only Algebra II will be tested by PARCC this year.
  3. I have tenure.
  4. They will never find another math teacher who lives as close to the school as I do and who is as invested in the community as I am...so they won't fire me when the scores suck really bad.
  5. I won't do anyone any good by being emotional and panicky and depressed all year.
  6. I need an action plan.
I feel like I just have to insert this into my post...come on, you knew it was going to happen.

I have incentives, some resources, some skills, and some vision. So the main thing I'm lacking is an action plan. I made a list and this is what I'm going to tackle over my last week before school starts.

  • Redo Revise my pacing guides to make sure all CC standards are covered according to the PARCC frameworks of which class they belong in.
  • Start using planbookedu.com to organize my standards
  • Link activities and resources that my twitter fam have graciously shared plus what I already use as well as INB pages and FALS
  • Get my INB TOCs and first pages together 
  • Nail down my first days ideas
  • Nail down my bell ringer system for the year

And lo and behold God gives me a sign that I'm on the right track because Lise just posted her bell ringer system which I am going to steal and change Mondays to my own Mental Math Mondays.

And me and Brooke are collaborating on an Alg 2 pacing guide...although I am not much help, we plan to try to teach it together throughout the year and compare notes. Yay for colloaboration!

I'm feeling better now and I plan on spending my night making more cute posters because that is my favorite thing to do. Then tomorrow, the real work begins!

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