#EduRead: Creating a Differentiated Mathematics Classroom

This week's article is Creating a Differentiated Mathematics Classroom.

My Thoughts:
  • I'm still envisioning some kind of template whether for class work or homework split into the four different types. Maybe two problems per type and they have to complete 5? That way they can choose their strongest two styles and then attempt one they aren't very comfortable with.
  • If the template was simple and versatile enough, it could work for quizzes, tests, homework, and class work.
  •  When I think about choice boards, I think I would have to develop one choice board of options that could last the whole school year. Each option would have to be hard enough that I would feel okay about a student picking the same option all year long. That seems tough. 
  • If students are taking multiple paths to achieve the same goal, that sounds like a lot of work to assess all of the paths.


  1. Thanks so much for compiling all of these resources for us! I'm now kind of obsessed with trying to differentiate by learner profile, and you've found some links that I missed.