Made 4 Math: Felt Footies and Bulletin Board

Another idea I've stolen from Pinterest is felt footies for my students desks and chairs. This is to prevent scratching up the freshly waxed floor as well as making it quieter when students are moving around.

I bought felt from Hobby Lobby, 4 for $1 and I used one sheet per chair and per desk. I cut one sheet into fourths. So I have 18 desks and 18 chairs which means I need 36 sheets of felt. That only ends up costing me $9 which is MUCH cheaper than the tennis ball idea.

Of course I had to buy neon colored rubber bands because beige ones are soooo boring. I wrapped it about 4 times and my felt footies were created! Don't they look like tiny little shepherds?

I covered my bulletin board in 12x12 scrapbook paper by stapling them up in alternating rows. Then I made a border out of teal duct tape. I heart chevron!!

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