Implementing Mathematics Common Core State Standards

Presented by Janet Rummel, Goodwill Education Initiatives

Close reading of three standards, one from Alg I, Geo, Algebra II; circle nouns and underline verbs; identify content (phrases); identify skills (sentences); describe progression in skills; what evidence must be obtained (spreadsheet link)

Curriculum Map Template

Looking at end of module engage NY Algebra II assessment

Shifts in expectations
Compare- for example, mean to median, mean to mean, congruent parabolas
Prove algebraically
Verify your answer through another method
Multiple choice with multiple answers
Justify answers to multiple choice questions
A lot of questions build on one set of information
More writing
More real world applications

Shifts in content
Compare congruent parabolas
Product of linear and quadratic factor

Product of linear factors

Shifts in MY teaching
Intentional Modeling

Word Problem Strategy
Consistency k-12
Circle the numbers (watch out for numbers written in words)
Underline important information
Box the question
Eliminate unnecessary information
Show all work

How can students apply this strategy to problems they can't write on? On PARCC? Give them the opportunity to practice. Make a T-chart and jot down information. We need to build confidence in students that not knowing one word doesn't stop you from solving the problem.

Common Core Resources
Educational Research- http://ies.ed.gov/ncee/wwc/
Massachusetts Department of Education

Pg 43 Overview PARCC Frameworks
Color coded;  green are priority standards; 70% of instructional time and assessments; blue are supporting standards; 20% of instructional time and assessments; yellow are additional content; 10% of instructional time and assessments,


  1. Thank you for summarizing the workshop for us. Could you tell me what the CUBES strategy is? I've never heard of it.

    1. Celeste, it is a word problem strategy that can be taught through k-12 for consistency. It is an acronym and each letter is explained above. All I know is that she worked with school who used this. After seeing it year after year, it becomes second nature to students and can help them break down and solve word problems.

    2. Oh! I totally didn't notice that the strategies below it went with the acronym. Thanks!