#TMC14 It Takes a Village...(Desmos)

Presented by Eli Luberoff

Desmos on Twitter: @lukeselfwalker, @squisythinking, @davidreiman, @teachwithcode

By tweeting our uses of Desmos, we can make a measurable, quantitative difference in the happiness of their staff. :)

New features

  • Insert images, set the center
  • Zoom in and out with two fingers
  • Set the center as sin to 'make it dance'
  • Sliders on the size, introduces transformations
  • Switch between polar, coordinate,and no grid 
  • Turn off the axis
  • Change step size
  • Pi labels
  • Label the axes

Cool Lessons 
  • Mathmistakes.org/complex/rules.html
  • Mathalicious.com/lessons/out-of-left-field
Upcoming Features
  • Regressions
  • iPhone app
  • iPad app updated
  • API updated

Things Desmos Believes
  • Interpret everything you can, especially incorrect work
  • Never say when to "go on". Let students make the call. Make them decide when it's good enough.
  • Pedagogy is in charge, technology follows.

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