Made 4 Math: Tape Dispensers and Fan Blades

I have completed five years of teaching. Starting this year, I'm no longer a statistic! Hooray!

To celebrate (I'm just making that up), I decided to completely redecorate my classroom.

I have a theme of teal and green in my classroom and I'm always looking for cheap ways to incorporate more color into my room.

My two projects for today require stickers and duck tape which every good teacher has.

Introducing my plain $1 tape dispensers and my green polka dot stickers. I just made a pattern on the first one and followed it on the others as well. There will be one per group of desks.

Next up...

My chevron fan blades! Chevron is my all time favorite design. I used teal duck tape cut into strips. Then I cut the strips in half. Just like with my tape dispensers, I started a pattern on one blade and tried to follow it on the others. Sadly, when the fan is spinning, you can't really see it like I thought. Also, I definitely used a ladder and cleaned the fan with Clorox wipes first. Ew.

1 comment:

  1. Five years of teaching is a great milestone. Congratulations! And you definitely know how to make it memorable, by giving your classroom a makeover. It looks amazing and fun. I didn’t even expect that a tape dispenser that is commonly used for sealing boxes, can look so cute.

    Thelma Bowman @ Quality Strapping