#EduRead: Homework: A Math Dilemma

This week's article is "Homework: A Math Dilemma and What to do About It". The homework issue is typically a topic that comes up about this time every year as teachers starting reflecting on the 13-14 school year and brainstorming how to improve for the upcoming year.

My Thoughts:

  • It all sounds nice.
  • I'm not going to do it.
  • I did not assign homework this year and I did not miss it.
  • I always feel guilty about this.
After reading the archived conversation:
  • If assigning differentiated hw, or allowing students to pick a certain amount to complete, you would have built in reviews for tests: go back and complete the problems you didn't do before.
  • Would students complete homework based on past concepts that they should have mastered which also builds fluency and retention?
  • What if you created 1-2 problems per learning style and asked them to complete problems from two styles? You could create a template of sorts.
  • Resource: Homework Rubric
  • Resource: Do you have a boring worksheet that you want to make more interesting?
  • Resource: Conceptualizing Drills
  • Grade using peer feedback or self assessment?
  • Students discuss answers together and collaborate to create the answer key, verified later by teacher- prompts discussion of who was right and why

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