Ideas for 2014-2015

  • Post all notes, notebook, powerpoints on google drive
  • Create a tinyurl ahead of time and post in syllabus
  • Make my own important formula sheet and give to students at beginning
  • Play the soccer game with important math facts that should be memorized
  • Counting circles
  • Midsegments in geometry
  • Start geometry with sketching and drawings and labeling
  • Estimating
  • Ask questions that have more than one correct answer to encourage debate
  • Poster Project (pick specific standards, one per student and hang around the room) Did it. Didn't love it.
  • Wheely cart for each group of desks (trash can velcroed to the top, scissors, glue sticks, stapler, hole punch, paper clips,rulers, erasers, calculators, pencils, paper)
  • Start school with memorizing perfect squares and cubes
  • Start school with powerpoint of last year's class comments
  •  Start school with Emmanuel Hudson First Day of School video
  • Make Remind101 a requirement
  • Edit calculator boot camp (add in ACT sheet?)
  • Order extra rulers and metal compasses
  • Decorate heater with contact paper/shelf lines/wrapping paper, something?
  • Turn filing cabinets sideways and decorate with contact paper/shelf lines/wrapping paper
  • Use painters tape and then hot glue on top of that to hang posters. Didn't work out. 
  • Better lesson plans or unit plans...ugh just fix it!!!
  • INBsssssssssssssssss
  • Beginning of year. My top 5 vs their top 5
  • Practice proofs in stations and packets
  • Glue clips to door for calendar, menu, etc
  • Poster: Work is not done until it's correctly done.
  • Test Corrections
  • Exit Slips?
  • Math speed drills instead of bell ringers. Or alternate plan.

  • Make new video (with menus and titles)
  • Rearrange, correct, and add to cheer packet
  • Burn cheer dvds over the summer
  • Create permission slip for riding home with someone else
  • Update contract
  • Include price sheet and payment schedule
  • Create entire packet for August tryouts (contract, permission slip, price sheet, schedule?)
  • Previous cheerleaders have to create their own cheer for tryouts
  • Lets teach harder cheers with beats/rhythms at tryouts to eliminate people that have no rhythm
  • Use a routine from pinterest to help everyone learn how to do the splits
  • Add in forms to event book for more use
  • Laminate event book pages for dry erase marker


  1. Nice to-do list. I'm going to steal/borrow a few... Love your questioning goal and the idea of memorizing perfect squares and cubes beginning early. A few questions... Where does the tinyurl lead? What's the soccer game? Does the tape and hot glue thing really work? How do you remove it? Thanks for sharing. Love your blog!

    1. Thanks Debbie!

      The tinyurl leads to the Google Drive website listed in the bulleted point above it.

      The soccer game is writing numbers on each hexagon of soccer ball. Toss around the room and when they catch it, they choose either the left or right thumb. The thumb should be on a number so they might say left thumb #7. I would already have a powerpoint created of whatever math facts I want to practice, a right hand set and left hand set and I click the number they choose and they try to answer the question. Then toss to the next person.

      I haven't tried the tape and hot glue thing yet so I will have to get back to you. The tape peels off easily so you just peel it off and your poster or whatever is hot glued to the tape instead of the wall.

      Thanks for asking!