Bell Ringers 5.0

It's time for my annual bell ringer giant powerpoint update! {See the originalversion 2, and version 3, version 4}

Here are the categories:

Mental Math Monday: 10 middle school mental math problems that I read aloud (no repeats!)
Tough Guess Tuesdayestimation180.com photos that students estimate how many
Which One Doesn't Belong Wednesdaywodb.ca four photos that students can name something unique for each
Throw Back Thursday: practice questions from the Accuplacer Elementary Algebra test that seniors take for community college placement and simplifying radicals; I haven't been teaching this soon enough (although in reality it's never needed, it still is for testing) so I'm addressing it through bell ringers because it worked really well for factoring last year
Factoring Friday: factoring has been a huge pitfall was a weakness for me so 9-12 will be doing 3-4 factoring problems every week which really helped last year

  • GCF 
  • Four Term 
  • Four Term with GCF 
  • Trinomial a = 1 
  • Trinomial a = 1 with GCF 
  • Trinomial a > 1
  • Trinomial a > 1 with GCF 
  • Difference of Two Squares 
  • Difference of Two Squares with GCF 
  • Mixed (last 6 Friday slides)

Last year I used Google Forms for the first time. I really liked it although I often forgot to reset the responses. 

This year I'm trying out Desmos Activity Builder. Some friends created one where students input their responses and then a graph lines up the floating dots and it just looks cool. lol

I plan on using that for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The other two days are multiple choice problems and I will use plickers.

The font is Forget Me Not and I spent a ridiculously long time changing all of my powerpoints to teal and gray chevron instead of teal and lime green. I know that nobody cares but me but...I CARE.

I also made the first slide links to every Monday slide so that you can jump ahead to the correct week of school if needed.



  1. Can you share the desmos activity builder that you plan on using for your bellringers?

    1. Not sure if it works but here ya go: https://teacher.desmos.com/activitybuilder/custom/5b5a21cfaee9e8055eaa1455

  2. Can you discuss more about how exactly you use this Powerpoint above? Are you using an interactive notebook system? Do students enter their answers/work/responses in Desmos Activity Builder?!

    1. I do use interactive notebooks but they have nothing to do with the bell ringers.

      All work is done on their desks with dry erase markers. On Monday and Friday they will just enter the number they got correct.

      On Tuesday they will look at the picture and enter an estimate.

      On Wednesday it is multiple choice so they will hold up plickers cards and I will scan it with my phone and discuss all possibilities.

      On Thursdays they are half multiple choice so we will use plickers again and the other half they will work on the desk.

  3. Are you creating a new bellwork powerpoint for this school year or will you cycle back to past powerpoints?

    1. I am in the middle of updating it. I changed Wednesday and Thursdays and debating changing Tuesdays. Mondays and Fridays will be the same.