#TMC18 My Favorites


Casey- ABC book for everyone to sign

Tina and Co- TMC mission statement

Hedge- Seesaw for MP 3
Kids can ask questions in the moment; can add and share files, invite others, link. Use as a birds eye view for exit slip or formative assessments. Acknowledge students in the moment without taking away from small groups you're working with. Improve culture of collaboration by giving and receiving detailed feedback from peers as well as teacher.

Sam Shah- Virtual Conference
The Virtual Conference of Mathematical Flavors
How Our Everyday Teaching Affects Kids Conceptions of Math
How does your class move the needle on what kids think about math?
Submit through August 1-29

Dave Sabol- How I Teach
Blog posts submitted about the day to day hacks in teaching
bit.ly/TMC18howiteach @dave_sabol

Nicole Muth @nmuth- CUW Superhero Steam Camp
Grades 3-8, Christian Camp with devotionals aligned to content
Superhero bungee jump

Todd Feitelson @toddf9- My Experience with 3D Printing in my Classroom
Using Wolfram Mahematica

How to problem solve: 
1. Do something
2. Do something else
3. Do a simpler problem (or maybe many simpler problems)
4. Learn from mistakes and dead ends

5. Don't stop just because the problem is solved. #myfavorites #TMC18 @nhoskee

Anna Scholl- Crazy 8s Math Club
High school students volunteer to coach elementary clubs
Don’t decorate the marshmallows first! 

Jonathan Claydon @rawrdimus-Thanks Glenn
Daily high fives at the end of class; helps pacing to end early

Mark Sanford @hfxmark- Music Friday’s
Play a song every Friday between periods. Choose based on your mood or the kids mood. Take special requests, school appropriate.


Elizabeth Stratmore @cheesemonkey- (Pre-) Heart Advice & Self Care
You carry the energy of everyone in this room with you. Be gentle with yourself. You can't implement everything. Be present.

Anna Panova-Cicchino @harpgirl555- Tarsia Puzzle Maker
Free software to create custom jigsaw puzzles, matching, and domino activities. Self-checking, great for noticing patterns, easy for teachers to use, math friendly. Print little version to do in class and then give larger version to students. Print out solution on matching colored version. Store in ziploc bags. Mr. Barton Maths blog shares pre-made puzzles.

Chase Orton @mathgeek76 Madiosn Sandig @madisonsandig4- Estimation Station
Ten minute instructional routine for low-floor discussions on estimation and statistics

Jennifer Fairbanks @hhsmath- Goosechase and Memes
Free scavenger hunt
One game at a time
Use 5 times
Set length of time and point values
Students upload pictures and videos

Posting memes, sometimes math related and sometimes not, makes kids want to come to math class and starts class with a smile

Ellen's heads up, you can pay $1 to create your own and play in class

Allison Krasnow @allison_krasnow- Making Relationships STICK
Sitckers given discretely and sparingly for
  • individual recognition 
  • group work
  • growth mindset
  • silent reminders for behavior
Walk over and stick it on their hand, no talking or change in facial expressions

Work on redirecting behaviors without saying their name out loud in class.

Kent Haines- Games for Young Minds
What is the 'read for 20 minutes' help that parents can do with their kids for math?
Play games. Ask questions.
Newsletter with game recommendations and questions.
Playing games means structures and structures are mathematical. #playmath

Matthew Kennedy @LS4GDrK- My Most Favorite Vertical Surface
60 cm x 83 cm $2.50 Whiteboard
Can be put on blocks on a desk, hung from hooks, velcro to the wall, lean against a wall, take it outside

Michelle Naidu @park_star- Come to Saskatchewan
When there isn't a thing, you create a thing. PD for PD conference called the Facilitator Forum in December

Mattie Baker @stoodle- Community Support
Include more people without losing the thing that gives us identity
Check the hashtag once a month to signal boost and encourage new followers

Brian Cerullo @bcerullo12- Origami in Geometry
Students fold step by step based on teachers guidance and fill out a chart based on what polygon they've created and the angles created by each fold.

Megan Schmidt @veganmathbeagle- An Ode to the Elementary Math Classroom
Go observe an elementary classroom and appreciate the richness and how they manage kids who never stop moving.

Chris Luzniak @cluzniak- Math Salons
A buffet of ideas and bagels; local gatherings for brunch and doing math

David Petro @davidpetro314- How to Make a Viral Video
Double domino effect with bricks

Philip Taylor @phitau- Quizlet Live
For memory facts, need 12 consecutive right answers, every student has three answers but not necessarily the correct answer, forces collaboration and communication. Don't ruin a good thing by trying to grade it. Little prizes increase engagement.

Amie Albrecht @nomad_penguin- Valuing the Back of Math(s)
The front of math is neat, polished, orderly. The back of math is something we forget to tell students about. Focus on draft thinking, oral over written, self evaluated, no stakes. Mini-talks 9 times per year, 1 if you show up and try, 0 if you don't. Bit.ly/BackOfMath

Daniel Carlson @pythagitup- Lou Whitaker belongs in the Hall of Fame

Taylor Grant @teachbarefoot-
How to Write a Blog Post Every Day
Blog a post about the day as soon as the school day ends, creates an organized reflection of teaching skills.
Don't let your dreams just be dreams.

Zachary Korzyck @MrDeltaMath- What Is Delta Math?
Practice problems for over 1000 different topics, students will have different problems so they can't cheat, combine multiple due dates, can add more attempts

Justin Aion @MrATeachesMath- Philosophy and Mathematical Discourse
An important question isn't always about important topics but it promotes discourse and causes you to interact with the world in a different way.

Annie Perkins @anniek_p Positive Phone Calls Home
Students can request it, I can suggest, only call when it's genuine, call early in the year. Hang clipboard in high traffic area, use highlighter when done, make calls when it's rejuvenating for you. Changes their affect in your classroom from 2 days to 2 months.

Glenn Wadell-
Turning negatalk to positalk bit.ly/ReframingTalk

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