#TMC18 Measures of Center {Marian Dingle}

Measures of Center
Marian Dingle
Thursday, July 19th 1:30 – 2:30 pm Keynote

"I wanted to learn how to do school better for kids who looked like my kids."

The center is often what or who is valued...others disappear.

Facing microaggressions as a team with your family makes a difference/

When you are the only one of your kind in a room, you're proud of your accomplishments but also sad that you're seen as the exception.

"We made a conscious decision to center our kids in their blackness. This was their normal."

Are you hiding your own students?

Even in mathematics, all are not equal.

Why can't we see the gift of sharing power?

Disrupt or at least interrogate.

Can we reach the figurative moon with all voices? Or do we only think 'some' are smart enough?

Decenter the lies. It seems new because it was hidden. Lean in to your discomfort.

Decentering self is a lifelong journey.

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