#TMC18 Demos-ifying My Favorite No {Allison Krasnow}

Demos-ifying My Favorite No
Thursday 4:00-4:30
Allison Krasnow (@Allison_krasnow)


Always start with the math that they do understand. Then correct.

The Desmos dashboard can help you with equity issues by raising the mathematical status of those who might not be talking at any other point in class.

There's value in using Desmos in short little bursts.

Give the exit slip and then after school, choose your favorite no and anonymously take a picture. Put it in Desmos. Screen 1- what math does the student understand, Screen 2- correct the error. Put the photo on a sketch screen with a student input box.

Use the same template, only changing the problem and the picture.

"I'm going to pause you in about 30 seconds....here comes the pause"

Whose work do you choose to showcase?

Snapshot student work in words or pictures anonymously.

Lower students who don't know how to correct the mistake might still have something correct to share.

Turn and talk about which explanation you can improve.

Hide/pace a question until the last minute to see if your discussion changed their thinking or I'm going to unpause you; can you improve your answer?

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