#TMC18 Portfolios to Enhance Metacognition in Students {Megan Dubee}

Portfolios to Enhance Metacognition in Students
Friday 4:00-5:00
Megan Dubee (@megandubee)

Create a Google Classroom exclusively for the portfolio.

Weekly/frequent due dates.

Compiled into a final slideshow in May

Final project- design something in desmos, sketch it in Sketchup, 3d printed a keychain

Before Test

  • Best Work- picture and description
  • Most Challenging- picture and description
  • Unit Summary
Immediately After Test
  • Test Reflection
  • Test Analysis
Post Test
  • Action Plan
  • Follow Through
  • Continuous Reflection
  • Student Voice
  • Honest Communication
  • Demonstrates mastery and continual growth
  • Lots of Feedback
  • Summative component
  • Time management
  • No community piece
  • Struggled for depth
  • More portfolio feedback rather than math feedback
In the future
  • Ask better reflection questions
  • Look into other platforms
  • Consider a four year math portfolio
  • Include a presentation component
Give questions on directions to see if students actually read them!

  • Try Flipgrid or short videos inserted into Google slides.
  • Record in soundproof rooms in the music department
  • Use Seesaw 
What are you proud of in this class?

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