#TMC18 Formative Assessment Lessons – Where Do I Begin? {Pam Wilson}

Formative Assessment Lessons – Where Do I Begin?
Thursday 2:45-3:45
Pam Wilson (@pamjwilson)

Hide a Where's Waldo figurine ($5 a Five Below) and have students fin and hide.

1, 3, 5, 7 minute cube timer, turn the time you want facing up ($12 on Amazon)

Hole punch problems you've already checked; students feel like they've earned something.

Green pens! Shoutout to Amy.

Pre-assessment: teacher doesn't answer questions, no discussion, 10 minutes, receive feedback later

Sort by their approach instead of correct answers for common conversations. Jot down questions. FALs suggests feedback- a feedback rubric! Label the rubric 'Q3' and pass out rubric to each group. Ask students to give a better response.

FALs can be used as a true pre-assessment or looking for gaps in previous knowledge.

"Do you agree with that answer? Can you explain it in your own words?"

Record your sorted matches on post-its in case you run out of time. Sort matches next to each other, not on top, so that everyone can see your reasoning.

End of Day Reflection:

Something I've learned...
Something I realized...
Something I was reminded of...

Two types of lessons: concept development-  whiteboarding, card sort
problem solving- open ended, multiple ways of solving, analyzes student work

 Link: http://map.mathshell.org/lessons.php

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