Pinterest Pile Up: Brag Bracelets, Shoutouts, and Selfie Sticks

Instead of doing things on my to-do list, I'm busy making things I found on Pinterest.

First up, brag bracelets. These can be used to celebrate any behavior you want to reward. They could be unit specific. Some of mine are sarcastic, some of mine are specific to my students, and I also included birthday ones. I made 5 pages of 8 different bracelets per page.

I plan to print them on card stock, cut, stick a glue dot on one end and have them ready to go. To introduce them, I'm going to make one for every student with a reminder that they need a composition notebook, their remind code, and my school instagram account.

The font I used is Moon Flower and of course, they are all chevron. You could also print them on white paper and students could color them.

Next are selfie sticks. I saw this idea on Pinterest and of course had to make it myself in my signature colors. The finished product is SO flipping cute. When students want a picture of their work emailed home or posted on milligram, they pin a 'selfie stick' to it.

Files below, including a purple one for Cori!

Shout outs are literally for students to shout out their peers for good stuff. Note to self: Dollar Tree post-its are not the normal 3x3 size so maybe you should delete the square in the middle. And the picture again because it's so cute.

Below is a template that I plan on having students slide in the clear pocket on the outside of their binders. Students can stick post-its there and everyone can easily find them.

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