Bell Ringers 3.0

One disadvantage of teaching in a tiny school is that you can't just reuse everything because you have the same students for three years in a row. So every year I have to find new first day of school activities and change things like my daily bell ringers.

Every year I find a new obsession so I would probably just change it anyway.

Updates from last year:
  • Changed the colors to match better
  • Took off the week labels {how is it that we got to school for 180 days but it's more than 36 weeks....so confusing}
  • Changed "Weigh It Wednesday" balance bender puzzles to "Work It Wednesday" brain teasers {thanks to weekly KenKen pdfs for educators!}
  • Changed "Thoughtful Q's Thursday" to "Number Talks Thursday" {excited but completely unprepared for these}
  • Updated estimation180 and WODB photos with new ones {thanks everyone who submits those!}

Here is THE powerpoint!

Now I have some questions. Last year I printed out front and back handouts every week for students. I know some people use Google Classroom for warm ups but I just don't think I can rely on our Internet on a daily basis. 

I know for sure I want students to write on Mental Math Mondays. 

I'm thinking I could use Google Forms for Tough Guess Tuesday estimation180 photos. Most people did not or could not calculate the error and error percentage. Do I need them to do that? Do I need them to write a description and a reason? How would I display the information in a useful way? 

Work It Wednesday are brain teasers that don't necessarily require writing...students could use dry erase markers on their desk. Do I need them to write anything?

For Number Talk Thursday, it's supposed to be mental so students could use marker again. But I also used some dot images so I could print those on paper for students to write on. I kind of like the idea of printing more than one of the same image so they can practice seeing different strategies. 

I know for sure I want students to use Plickers for Freaky Friday WODB. They love Plickers and I only use them a couple times of year. But do I want them to write their reasons? Or just call on random people to share their answers? I obviously don't grade these so do I NEED them to write?

I guess what I'm truly struggling with is....will they do it if I don't make them write it down and turn it in?

It would be great if I could use less paper...maybe fit one week per side, cutting the amount of copies I need in half. But my favorite part of last year's handouts was the questions I asked every week. They were random and let me get to know the students so much better. I guess I could use Google Classroom for those too...how would you do that? Every Friday post a question?

How do you guys handle your warm ups in a way that makes your heart smile? :-)

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