#MTBoS30: Two Words and Advice

As part of my students semester reflection paper, I asked them to describe my class in two words.

Here are the results:


Please tell me that you see it too. The most common word is fun? Organized is no surprise. Easy? Challenging? Funny? Unique? Awesome? Enjoyable?

Can this be real?

Must be doing something right!

I also asked them to give advice to the upcoming freshman about my class.

I know that they are hard to read but I love the ones I see. Pay attention. Work hard. Ask questions. Take notes.

That's what I like to see. 


#MTBoS30: Why I Don't Quit {A Letter of Non-Resignation}


  • This is my dream. I don't know what the expiration date is on dreams but I'm pretty sure it's not seven years.
  • I do everything in a spirit of excellence. I am not compatible with quitting.
  • I did not go through college and thousands of dollars to give up because it's hard. Ask any pregnant lady, growing humans is not an easy task. 
  • Mediocrity is not an option for me! I believe in a job well done and lucky for me I get a new chance at that 180 days a year.
  • There's always more to learn. Quitting is for when there are no options. I can't quit when I keep learning new ways to be better.
  • Who would take my place? Quitting doesn't mean my job would disappear. It means someone else would take my place and how do I know that someone would be as good as or better than me? I can't put my students in jeopardy.
  • I want to know that each of my students has at least one adult pushing for them to win.
  • I am a woman of my word. I follow through. I didn't accept this job on the conditions of "only when I feel like it", "only when things go my way", or "only when I feel valued". I agreed to do this job 180 days a year regardless of circumstance.
  • The system might be broken but so are the kids. So are we. I want to be a safe place, a home away from home, a friendly face, a place to let your guard down, a place to find your peace, a place to feel included, a place to enjoy yourself and your day. Quitting is the opposite of fixing.
  • I can't fix the system but I can fix how my students experience the system.
  • Teaching is my God given gift. It won't go away.  I honor that gift by using it-  which gives my students the permission to use theirs.
  • How can I teach my students to persevere if i will not? How can I expect my students to make a difference if I will not?
  • I'm from here. This is my high school. My town. My people. My students deserve a better education than what I had. 
I don't quit. I'm working to fix the system. Why not me?


#MTBoS30: Start, Continue, Stop


  • Google Classroom
  • More Desmos
  • More Kahoot
  • More Plickers
  • Using my formative assessment tracker
  • Monthly Writing Assignment...maybe?
  • Musical cues...maybe?
  • Being more encouraging, friendly, and inclusive
  • Giving students pencil bags for their binders to hold dry erase markers and pencils


  • Two Nice Things
  • Visible Random Grouping every two weeks
  • INBs
  • Organized Binders
  • Less Handouts
  • Remind App
  • Task Cards/Scavenger Hunts
  • Math Pong
  • Trashketball
  • My 6 Pencil Plan
  • Bell Ringers
  • Birthday Candy
  • Semester Reflection Papers
  • Mental Math Monday


  • Being so sarcastic
  • Letting students get away with not working
  • Crossing my arms so much


#MTBoS30: LiveJournal Throwback

A- Age: 30 this Saturday!
B- Biggest fear: Never gettig married or having kids
C- Current time: 10:51 pm
D- Drink you last had: Water
E- Every day starts with: Shower, then go back to sleep until my real alarm
F- Favorite song: idk
G- Ghosts, are they real? spirits
H- Hometown: Terre Haute, Indiana
I- In love with: chevron
J- Jealous of: people with no debt
K- killed someone?: why is this a question? why would I admit it?
L- Last time you cried?: tonight watching Grey's
M- Middle name: Joy
N- Number of siblings: 2
O- One wish: money
P- Person you last called: consignment shop
Q- Question you’re always asked: what are we doing today?
R- Reason to smile: It's Friday of my last full school week
S- Song last sang: idk
T- Time you woke up: 5:19
U- Underwear color: red
V- Vacation destination: stay-cation
W- Worst habit: procrastinating and impulse shopping
Y- Your favorite food: pizza
X- X-Rays you’ve had: teeth
Z- Zodiac sign: Gemini

You should play too!


#MTBoS30: Warm Fuzzies

While reading my students semester reflection papers, I copied and paste everything that made me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

And it's a good thing because today has no warm and no fuzzies anywhere to be found. My patience is alllllll gone.