About Me

I love teaching and learning. The people that matter the most to me are those who have taught me about life, love, myself, how to treat others, and the world in general. Because of that, I am part of a community of learners and teachers and people who share their lives together. We live at http://www.twitter.com. My address is @misscalcul8.

I enjoy reading, writing, talking, typing. I like lists. I also adore John Mayer and chocolate.

I'm a minimalist. I love hugging, napping, and baths. In that order. I love sweet tea and folding t-shirts.

I hate small talk, navy blue, and precipitation.

I alphabetize, organize, and color coordinate.

I am the peacemaker who is confrontational.

I'm observant, I have great hearing, and I'm sarcastic. A deadly combination.

I expect to be the best teacher that has ever lived, to change the world, and to live wealthy.