#MTBoS30: Warm Fuzzies

While reading my students semester reflection papers, I copied and paste everything that made me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

And it's a good thing because today has no warm and no fuzzies anywhere to be found. My patience is alllllll gone.

Every time I come into this class my mood becomes happy and this class is fun.

As far as the teaching style of the lessons I understand things a lot easier than I did last year. You spend more than one day on a subject.

I really enjoyed all the fun things you did for us, you changed seats every 2 weeks, let us retake quizzes, didn’t give homework, etc. You know what? I just love you Ms. Miller!

I never thought I would learn to love math.

Because of the way this class is organized, I learned a lot more and felt more comfortable asking questions.

I think not having homework helped me this year because I probably wouldn’t have done it anyway. What if I didn’t know something and it wasn’t in my notebook? I know my parents wouldn’t know it, and my teacher would not be there to ask.

I really hated when we played pong and I didn’t make it (pong was very fun).

Mental Math Monday improved my abilities the most because I used to not be able to do most math problems in my head but that helped me a lot with that problem.

Not having homework has helped me. It helped me because every night when I used to have math homework I wouldn't know how to do it and I’d ask my parents and they'd look at me like I was crazy because they didn't know how to do it either. I would be stressed out because I wouldn't have it done because I couldn't figure it out.

I could find everything in my binder and it was nice and neat because of the tabs. If I needed help with anything and when I went on my notebook I didn't have to search or anything because everything in there is organized and in its right spot and numbered.

You make math fun. I used to hate going to math but now I actually enjoy it because we play games and we take notes which helps a lot.

I really didn’t know some of the stuff when we first began it, but as I kept doing it, my math ability increased and I knew most of the stuff.

She takes the extra time to help you if you’re struggling and she’s really cool to be around. She gives
off good vibes.

I have no clue why students don't take notes they take so little time to do and have so much of a benefit for them.

I feel that I went from a 0 to a hero in math because if you look at my grade in middle school I was trying so hard just to maintain a D in math class.

I do think students should be allowed to retake quizzes. That way if they make a bad grade they won’t just go and forget that lesson. Also they will keep improving. And it gives the kids that want to improve a chance, and the kids that don’t care can just be happy with the grade they made.

I think the notes and activities we did in class prepared me for the quizzes and tests because we always got plenty of practice and you helped us anytime we needed it.
I really enjoyed everything about this class honestly.

I would use enjoyable because no matter what was going on outside of this class, everything always seemed more happy in this classroom.

Because of the way this class is organized I always knew where the tool for the job was.

If I were to describe her class to the freshman id say its the easiest class to pass if you try. If I could describe your class in two words it be fun and hardworking and that's a hard comb to pull off.

If we had homework, I wouldn’t be able to ask about what I don’t understand and I would get a lot of things wrong.

Give her a chance at first she’s pretty cool and fun if you don’t like math suck it up you little cry baby she makes it better.

I really enjoyed notebooks again because they are a fun way to learn.

My overall feelings about your class that I can describe in two words would be very helpful, because

I never use to like math but when I came into your class you taught me, you helped me, and you made me realize that math isn’t so bad after all.

I used to just not try if I had to do it in my head but now I at least try the problem.

Ms. Miller will work her hardest to help you so if she gives you a chance to retake a quiz take it because what other teacher would do that for you.

I would say to the upcoming freshmen that “If you are not organized, it’s time to start.”

Ms. Miller is an extremely organized color coded bundle of math equations, formulas, matching accessories and fun, her class is a good time when you don’t act like a fool, do your work, and try not to say mean things to or about people. To be successful you gotta chill out, and try not to freak out on anyone because that’s no fun, and won’t help you out.

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